Blobs: Perimeter/area and blob size
Charles Tomkins from United Kingdom  [13 posts]
4 years
Hi, I notice that the weights generated from perimeter/area and from area/perimeter change with the size of the blob as much as with its shape (see image).
I was wondering if instead of the division using 'perimeter', it used 'perimeter^2'  the filter would become size independent: Circles have an A/p^2 of ~0.08 and squares are (theorertically) always ~0.06.
[Also on large (still camera) images it is quite hard to see the weightings that the blob filter allocated, is there a way to display the weights in a larger font?]
Many thanks.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1408 posts] 4 years

Yes, that does appear to work. We added that to the Blob  Filter and it seems to work as you expected.

We've also added the ability to increase the font size in the blob filter module which does help for large (and smaller) images.

v2.63.12 has this update.


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