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Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [4]
Thanks for checking the new version. Glad its now working. If you look under the Variables section ...
2 years 11 1177
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [2]
Yes, there was an issue with an empty array (such as that created by the OR module) would stop other variables from being sent c...
2 years 11 1177
Truncating or rounding displayed variables [4]
Bernard, You can force it into a string to specify exactly how many decimal points you see. Assumin...
4 years 4 1177
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [11]
Thanks, I think we found the issue to that one too. There was also a correction to the bundle size that can get incorrectly repo...
2 years 11 1177
Vision Guided Tractor [3]
Bob, What you are asking for will require some environmental changes. Before we even get into the v...
4 years 9 1177
Truncating or rounding displayed variables [2]
Bernard, Yes, if you use something like x = (float)((int)(x*100.0f))/1...
4 years 4 1177
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [6]
Could you attach your robofile just for the OSC module? We'd like to see how that is configured as we don't seen anything obviou...
2 years 11 1177
camera problem [3]
Sanesh, You probably want to use the Marker module to save the current image (for later reference) ...
5 years 2 1173
FRC 2015 - Yellow Tote Angle Measurements [2]
What you might be able to do is to identify where the front corner is relative to the width of the detected object. That will he...
2 years 2 1172
measuring x,y,z distance [3]
In case you have problems getting it to work, the end result should show the following: ...
3 years 3 1171
measuring x,y,z distance [2]
Yes it can. The background is a good deal lighter than the wire and spindle so they can be extracted even from the image you inc...
3 years 3 1171
Find the coordinates at a given distance and bearing [3]
Bob, Its a bit tricky unless you make some very large assumptions. For example, you have altitude f...
3 years 3 1164
AUV [8]
Yes, the motors will most likely react to the PWM signal ... thus the 500 to 2500 range. Note, 1000...
2 years 11 1163
AUV [10]
Ragronark, Q1: Not sure if that would be the only change. It is certainly the most common since dif...
2 years 11 1163
AUV [6]
Have you written a quick Arduino Sketch that sets the values of pin3 and pin9 to 800 and 1000 to see if the motors respond?
2 years 11 1163
AUV [2]
I'm assuming this is a duplicate/related post for ...
2 years 11 1163
AUV [4]
Can you verify that the motors work and that setting those pins on the arduino cause the motors to move?
2 years 11 1163
Nearest blob [10]
I get the green blob as the nearest to that point in 2.56.26 using the attached robofile. Perhaps the version wasn't quite up w...
4 years 11 1162
Nearest blob [8]
Can you post the I.gif image too so that we can actually test what you are trying to do? I'm not s...
4 years 11 1162
Nearest blob [3]
Dawson, Can you provide some context? For example, you have obviously tried something that was usin...
4 years 11 1162

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