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Bug? [5]
Steve, The reason for the slowdown is that the module is attempting to connect with the COM port bu...
4 years 8 1270
Bug? [2]
Stev, Can you try this on the latest version? What MCU were you trying...
4 years 8 1270
Calculate angle [2]
Yes, using one of the programming modules SetVariable "angle", (270 + GetVariable("angle")) mo...
4 years 2 1270
Bug? [8]
Steve, The 129 character would be a one byte binary character that you would send to check that the...
4 years 8 1270
Detecting deformed rings [2]
Victor, Yes, there are a couple ways to do this. Can you post an image that we can play with?
4 years 5 1265
AVM module failure [2]
Martin, Do you have any modules in the pipeline before the AVM module? We can't see what you have ...
5 years 4 1265
Detecting deformed rings [4]
Have a look at the attached. Note, this is one way of doing it ... there are others. The best way will depend on your final imag...
4 years 5 1265
parallel port [2]
In that same interface, do you see where the Variable dropdowns are? Just type in a word (like pin13value) and that will set tha...
5 years 6 1258
parallel port [4]
If you set the bit number (ie. select 1 in the bit dropdown) then you should get a clean 1 or 0. ST...
5 years 6 1258
parallel port [6]
Jorge, If you download the latest version this issue should be fixed. ...
5 years 6 1258
NXT isn't receiving messages [6]
We just verified that this is working just fine at least on the most recent version of RoboRealm. What version are you all using...
5 years 5 1255
NXT isn't receiving messages [3]
Could you post both your NXT and robofile so we can try to replicate? Thanks, STeven....
5 years 5 1255
Truncating or rounding displayed variables [4]
Bernard, You can force it into a string to specify exactly how many decimal points you see. Assumin...
5 years 4 1254
Truncating or rounding displayed variables [2]
Bernard, Yes, if you use something like x = (float)((int)(x*100.0f))/1...
5 years 4 1254
HELP - how to detect and draw lines in RoboRealm [2]
Tomaz, Thanks for the images. Unfortunately, we can't come up with anything off the top of our hea...
5 years 2 1253
Find the coordinates at a given distance and bearing [3]
Bob, Its a bit tricky unless you make some very large assumptions. For example, you have altitude f...
4 years 3 1250
Overlays on multiple camera views [3]
Mai, I'm not sure I understand the question completely, but if you want to display different overl...
5 years 3 1249
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [4]
Thanks for checking the new version. Glad its now working. If you look under the Variables section ...
3 years 11 1248
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [9]
Patrick, Thanks, having the test case is what we needed. Turns out that there was a padding issue w...
3 years 11 1248
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [2]
Yes, there was an issue with an empty array (such as that created by the OR module) would stop other variables from being sent c...
3 years 11 1248

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