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Barcode decode anomaly [12]
Pete, On the exposure, what you can do is enter [my_variable] with brackets into the exposure text ...
4 years 15 1424
Barcode decode anomaly [3]
Pete, thanks for the images and the robofiles. That will give us something to work with.
4 years 15 1424
Barcode decode anomaly [8]
Pete, As mentioned, one image is never enough to determine a correct solution. As you have found ou...
4 years 15 1424
Sparki sketch [2]
David, We had a problem with that file. Can you download that again
4 years 10 1424
Lines detect [4]
See the attached ... if you want the actual image, can you include a raw source image with no annotations?
5 years 6 1413
Lines detect [6]
Yes, direction seems to be the best way to do this. We've added a Degree Range filter to the Blob Filter module to check for th...
5 years 6 1413
Pothole detect [8]
Yes, a lidar would be the best tool for this. The precision offered by a lidar will detect the pothole depressions. In fact, you...
2 years 11 1405
Pothole detect [3]
Farid, While it may be possible to classify 'potholes' using just vision alone it will take 1000's ...
2 years 11 1405
Pothole detect [5]
Its better to purchase a calibrated system than using two cameras. Their solution seems quite good but I would ask them if they ...
2 years 11 1405
Network Tables [11]
Paul, Typically if RoboRealm sees a variable at zero it essentially removes it since the absence of...
5 years 10 1404
OCR problem [2]
JB, Thanks for the image. Attached to this is a robofile that almost works on the image you provide...
4 years 4 1404
Button interface to activate tabs [2]
Mai, You would use the Call tab to do this. See the attached. Press a button to run different tabs....
5 years 2 1404
Network Tables [9]
You'll need to update the Network Tables module's IP address (last RR module) too for this to work.
5 years 10 1404
Network Tables [8]
Paul, The way the NT module within RR works is that it will NOT send out duplicate values. So, if t...
5 years 10 1404
Network Tables [5]
Just to be sure ... have a '/' at the start of the variable name....
5 years 10 1404
Network Tables [4]
Paul, If you are not running the latest version I'd do a quick download and get those updates. The...
5 years 10 1404
marble maze [8]
Yes you can! STeven....
5 years 7 1396
marble maze [5]
What do you mean by servo driver? I think you are talking about the SSC. Basically PC->serial cable->SCC 32->PWM cable-...
5 years 7 1396
marble maze [3]
Regular hobby servos controlled by a lynxmotion SSC. STeven....
5 years 7 1396
Target Localization Module? [8]
David, which LEDs did you order? Seems like you'll have a good setup for the TL module. To all tho...
5 years 11 1395

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