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Dicing up an image
Hi, I have a large image (~5000 x 3500) which I would like to cut up into sequence of smaller images (say 500 x 350) each with a...
3 years 3 589
STeven, I am trying to copy multiple lines from one program to another. I can select multiple lines...
3 years 3 589
roborealm with interactive cinemas
hi STeve i am working on a simulator and i ask if i can use roborealm as interface software between what is displ...
3 years 2 589
Can't change image format
Hello, I am using DFK ECU010-M12 camera. In the camera property, options are given either MJPG or Y...
1 year 8 589
Reload image
It seems Reload on file change option in Load image module does not work in version 2.80.20. Sergey...
1 year 2 589
Object Recongition
I am currently working on a school project with Roborealm and my project is to place fruit under the camera and have it tell me...
5 years 2 590
Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB
Im still trying to find a good way to track a person. Ive used a single color, while this works, once it sees the same color it ...
4 years 0 590
Will Robo Realm work for this?
Will robo realm transfer 3d movement of a model to the servos of "real" robot through video. Everything I have seen so far loo...
5 years 2 591
RoboRealm 2.67.27 does not start any more
STeven, after the latest update, Roborealm complains about a missing python33.dll and refuses to st...
3 years 3 591
Car registration plate
HI, Is ther anny way Roborealm can be used for car registration plate regonition and then open garrage door ?
8 years 2 592
Network Tables
I am intrigued by the Network Tables module. It may be applicable to my project. I am creating a s...
4 years 2 592
Hello, I'm a user of the EZ-Robot and so super excited to see an interface in RoboRealm now. ...
3 years 2 592
Hi, I want to make my robot move with the lynxmotion sequencer, but when I click on the buttons, no...
2 years 6 592
How to launch second simultaneous instance of RR?
I have two RR files, A and B. I wish to run A, and use the Execute Program module from within RR to launch robofile B. I want B ...
2 years 5 592
Image Matching
Hi Steven, I am getting a better handle on image matching.  What I am doing is using the ...
1 year 2 592
RoboRealm Lagging WIth Arduino
So we are using Roborealm and Arduino to make an RC car that follows you around for a school project. At the moment we are using...
4 years 4 593
Webcam Recommendations?
I need a webcam that is pretty powerful, and was looking for recommendations. I was hoping for some...
3 years 2 593
Laser scanner
I am embarking on a project which will require reactive navigation.   I have acquired a long range LIDAR hokuyu(sp?), ...
2 years 3 593
Ximea issue
Steven, Firstly, compliments to the RR team for your impressive efforts.
4 years 1 594
how can be view same object in different came...and also display the cog box size and x y axis in each camera view...
5 years 2 596

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