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Radial Distortion Coefficient input question
What are the P0 and SCALE variables for? (I understand what the other variables do.) both values are 1000 by default. what do th...
8 years 2 680
dialog boxes
I have the same problem as previously reported.  When I open the Line Profile dialog box, I can only move it a few pix...
8 years 2 680
Microcontroller type
Hello, My project is "blind people obstacle detection" using image processing and computer vision, I want to use...
5 years 2 680
Edge Detection for laser trimming
Hi, I have a strip of BLACK magnet impregnated polymer. It is 1mm thick and can be any width or len...
5 years 2 681
Connecting 2 GoPro cameras via WiFi
Hello! We are working on a robotics project and have 2 GoPro cameras that we are wanting to stream video into Robo...
4 years 1 681
plss sugest me some simple applications so that i can start my venture in machine vision and learn the basics also.....
9 years 2 682
NEWSFLASH for STEVEN!!!! Update from MEL!!!
Dear Steven,      I have worked Tediously All weekend trying to do experiments...
8 years 1 682
RR Just gets better and better!
Hey, Steve!!     I am very excited about RR having object recognition. &nb...
7 years 2 682
Make Exe
Hi! Is it possible to compile the RoboRealm so that when it runs and sends data through VB Script t...
7 years 2 682
Robot Control form Overhead camera
How does one control the path of a robot when the only input is the image from the overhead camera? Once an image is acquired an...
7 years 2 682
Does RR support USB3 cameras? I see that USB3 and GigE cameras share a GenICam interface, so I supp...
5 years 2 682
Depth sensor to RR
Hi, I would like to know is it possible to interface a depth sensor  with RR? IF yes, how?
3 years 3 682
Alerts - Signals - Beeps
How do I get Robo-realm to alert or signal when it identifies an object?  I would like Robo-realm to alert and send a ...
3 years 5 682
Python Debug Print
In the current Help page for the Python API, rr.Print is listed but does not seem to exist in Roborealm 2.49.10.  Just...
5 years 1 684
Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB
Im still trying to find a good way to track a person. Ive used a single color, while this works, once it sees the same color it ...
5 years 0 684
installable versions
Hello I'm using Roborealm in 2 identical robotic cells in two very different locations, the second ...
3 years 2 684
marble maze
i have visit teletoyland web. i have no problem with mechanical part because all the instruction are given. But i cannot identif...
6 years 2 685
High Quality Camera Without Flicker
Dear all, I appreciate if anyone can recommend a high quality camera without flicker issue at any frequency (Hz) under various c...
5 years 2 685
Need help:  API response time fluctuates a lot
We have a basic .robo code that tracks the 3-point goal.  Most of the time, the time it takes the Java code running in...
5 years 3 685
Queue limit exceeded, discarding inbound operation. Operation type: RoboRealm.Pr
I am playing around with the RoboRealm MSRS connection.  I have run into an issue when running the example simulation...
5 years 1 685

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