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Clear cuurent image
Which module to be used can I clear current image ?...
6 years 5 610
USB Camera live video crash
When trying to press Camera button again to show live video in options,  the roborealm crashes.
5 years 3 610
RR not saving
Lately we have an repeating issue that we save the RR file and the changes in the VB scripts are not saved. We are using version...
3 years 3 610
Multiple if Statement
hi guys...im having problems using multiple if statement.. in my program, there are 3 blobs present...
6 years 3 611
Autonymous Navigation
You guys are SO close to Autonymous Navigation in a changing situation.  I know that this is a hard thing to do. But,...
5 years 1 611
how can be view same object in different came...and also display the cog box size and x y axis in each camera view...
5 years 2 611
Gige Cameras
Hi Is there any procedure to use a Gige camera? I want to test an Allied Vision Prosilica camera. I...
4 years 2 611
Image Matching
Hi Steven, I am getting a better handle on image matching.  What I am doing is using the ...
1 year 2 611
I have RR installed on one computer.  I am trying to install it on a RoBoard, but my trial subscription is up. &n...
6 years 2 612
Installation Problem
Hello, We are trying to install the 30 day free trial on 64bit machines with Windows 7, but we are ...
4 years 2 612
How to execute/run a robo file
Hello, How do I execute a"robo" file after it has been configured with different modules in the Rob...
3 years 2 612
Ollie by Orbotix
Hey Guys, I was wondering if a module that controls the ollie robot by orbit may be possible to mak...
2 years 4 613
biomedical engg.
Robotics r our life help in people...
6 years 1 614
Can RR run steper motor ?
Hi all, First of all I would like to thank all people who made this grate softwaer. My qoustin is :...
4 years 2 614
Microcontroller type
Hello, My project is "blind people obstacle detection" using image processing and computer vision, I want to use...
4 years 2 614
xvid codec not workintg
Hi, I am trying to install plugin DVR server. version 0.3. xvid codec is not responding. I install ...
2 years 5 614
Laser scanner
I am embarking on a project which will require reactive navigation.   I have acquired a long range LIDAR hokuyu(sp?), ...
2 years 3 614
Regarding Color Identification
I am new to Robo Realm and i am quite impressed with it. I need help in only identifying the red and green color(for traffic sig...
1 year 2 614
blob within a circle
Hi, I am trying to detect if the circles are empty. Commonly there are blobs inside the circles, bu...
5 years 2 615
Blob circularity and morphology
Hi STeven, I am trying to determine the circularity and morphology of transparent spheres. I am usi...
4 years 1 615

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