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OSC from script
Hi fellow roborealists, I am trying to send fiducial data over OSC. I already have the data I need ...
2 years 2 660
Change in behavior of Marker
I use Mosaic to capture the video from my rovers and to display data on their current status. There are two 'windows' with the...
5 years 2 661
Object recognition - batabase
Hi STeven I'm using 'Object recognition', and 'shape',  to examine sc...
4 years 2 661
image processing
how can i recognize the numeric digits in different images of circular tokens which are very similar to coins....
8 years 2 662
Make Exe
Hi! Is it possible to compile the RoboRealm so that when it runs and sends data through VB Script t...
7 years 2 662
Switching between cameras and network tables
I am having an issue with my program. The goal is to be able to switch between cameras at the push of a button on my joystick. I...
1 year 5 662
Ximea issue
Steven, Firstly, compliments to the RR team for your impressive efforts.
5 years 1 663
Execute AVM roborealm on two instances
Is there any way to run AVM roborealm on two instances of roborealm with two cams?...
4 years 3 664
Python in separate editor
STeven, you mentioned earlier that it makes sense to do python development for more complex program...
4 years 2 664
I am trying to do the exact same thing. I downloaded your RR file so I could try to apply it to my footage. I 100% understand yo...
6 years 3 665
Edge Detection for laser trimming
Hi, I have a strip of BLACK magnet impregnated polymer. It is 1mm thick and can be any width or len...
5 years 2 665
Tracking RBG patturn on shirt
I still trying to track a shirt succefully and i got the robot to follow a green shirt. But once it sees another green object it...
5 years 0 665
RoboRealm 64 bit
Hi Steven , I used to interface Roborealm using c++ dll interface, but of the late migrated to 64 bit Compiler sui...
3 years 4 666
stripped down version of RR
I am looking for a similar program with nice Windows GUI like RoboRealm, but I only need the Imaging filters/functions, i don't...
8 years 3 667
Distrubutor Server Behind router
I have roborealm hooked up to my robot which has a netbook attached. I want to control this robot remotely from my laptop. I tri...
8 years 5 667
Disabling Hotkeys?
Hey guys, great product. I am wondering if there is any way I can disable the hotkeys?
8 years 2 667
Getting a boolean variable for target identification
Hi, I am trying to get a boolean result from the network table of roborealm, so that, when the camera identifies the goal, the v...
5 years 2 667
Network Tables
I am intrigued by the Network Tables module. It may be applicable to my project. I am creating a s...
5 years 2 667
Queue limit exceeded, discarding inbound operation. Operation type: RoboRealm.Pr
I am playing around with the RoboRealm MSRS connection.  I have run into an issue when running the example simulation...
5 years 1 667
Bug in call module
Hi STeven, I think there is a bug in the call module. All the IF statements in the called tab gets ...
5 years 3 667

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