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hi i just want to know that my project is laser control with the help of webcam through MATLAB.Can anyone guide me...
8 years 2 707
Keyboard interface
I'm using the keyboard at the moment to control my robot via the "keyboard read" module. I have used the arrow keys for the m...
6 years 3 707
Arduino Mega-Roborealm Serial Timing Question
I am currently working on a telepresence robot using Roborealm.   From a remote computer, I am able to login to the ro...
3 years 2 707
Communicating  the presence of a blob to Arduino
Hi. I am new to RR and so putting my query with great hope. My project is to detect the internal defects in an egg. This can be ...
2 years 2 707
Kiosk mode
When I startup RR in kiosk mode there is "space" area around my picture. After toggeling ctrl k, the empty area disapears. Is...
6 years 5 708
Help button not working
When clicking the help button in the RoboRealm, I am presented a with an 'Open With...' dialog with no entries...
8 years 3 709
Disabling Hotkeys?
Hey guys, great product. I am wondering if there is any way I can disable the hotkeys?
8 years 2 709
Edimax IC-3030WN
Hi, I'm not able to display pictures from  the Edimax LAN camera in roborealm. I use the...
6 years 5 709
Problem using API (newbie)
I am having a problem using API code given in the samples.(I am using MSVC++).When I compile and execute main.cpp I get the erro...
9 years 3 710
New Roboshow
Hey Everyone I am casting for a groundbreaking mechanized robotic competition show, and I am looking for great people! Think Rea...
6 years 1 710
I am trying to do the exact same thing. I downloaded your RR file so I could try to apply it to my footage. I 100% understand yo...
6 years 3 711
Tracking RBG patturn on shirt
I still trying to track a shirt succefully and i got the robot to follow a green shirt. But once it sees another green object it...
5 years 0 711
Execute AVM roborealm on two instances
Is there any way to run AVM roborealm on two instances of roborealm with two cams?...
4 years 3 711
OPC server
Can RR communicate through an OPC bridge ? A customer has a vision system using Ni Vision builder. ...
4 years 4 711
Simple arithmtic operations
Are there in roborealm simple arithmetic operations (+,-,x,/) ? I couldnt find them so please, if they are not there, can you ad...
10 years 2 712
Distributor client crashing
Hi Steven, There seems to be a problem with the Distributor client module. Every time I open it, RR...
6 years 3 712
Network Tables
I am intrigued by the Network Tables module. It may be applicable to my project. I am creating a s...
5 years 2 712
Can't change image format
Hello, I am using DFK ECU010-M12 camera. In the camera property, options are given either MJPG or Y...
2 years 8 712
Image Match Module Crashes
I load the Image_Match module. After "training", the module crashes the application without fail. I have tried many different...
9 years 3 713
for EDV
Hi, ED.     I have good news and bad news. I got the parts in to finish Fred my...
7 years 3 713

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