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Connecting 2 GoPro cameras via WiFi
Hello! We are working on a robotics project and have 2 GoPro cameras that we are wanting to stream video into Robo...
3 years 1 631
Python in separate editor
STeven, you mentioned earlier that it makes sense to do python development for more complex program...
3 years 2 631
snow globe
Gentlemen, I am also new to your very cool product.   Being Christmas season I would like...
2 years 4 631
Robotic arm usb
Hi. Has anyone got a working alternative to support this product with the USB interface ? ...
5 years 1 632
Edimax IC-3030WN
Hi, I'm not able to display pictures from  the Edimax LAN camera in roborealm. I use the...
5 years 5 632
Hi, I want to make my robot move with the lynxmotion sequencer, but when I click on the buttons, no...
2 years 6 632
Does RR interface with Microsoft Robotics Development Studio? it is up to version 4 now....
5 years 2 634
The current offer for a one use license looks great but my bot is running on WindowsXP. Is that an issue with the latest release...
4 years 4 634
Controlling RoboRealm through Java API
Hello, I'm doing a project on object recognition where the user will provide the image and based o...
3 years 5 634
Set Variables / Identifiction of similar blobs
hey , first of all i would like to say that Roborealm is an amazing software.thanks !
8 years 2 635
Radial Distortion Coefficient input question
What are the P0 and SCALE variables for? (I understand what the other variables do.) both values are 1000 by default. what do th...
7 years 2 635
Purchase Process
Hi there, I just purchased the Roborealm Standard, but didn't see any instructions on the receipt of how I'm goi...
7 years 2 635
2014 FRC First Time Vision Tracking
Im new to RoboRealm Filters and am unsure what to do next. As of now our RoboFile recongizes the dynamic target and Follows it a...
3 years 2 635
Distrubutor Server Behind router
I have roborealm hooked up to my robot which has a netbook attached. I want to control this robot remotely from my laptop. I tri...
7 years 5 636
keyboard driving irobot create
The keyboard driving robofile for Roomba does not work with Create. Can someone provide a Create version? Thank you very much....
4 years 2 636
Is RR compatible with Raspberry Pi ??...
3 years 2 636
control robot with static camera
Hello I want to control a robot with a static camera on the ceiling. I want to point ...
3 years 2 636
Socket Comminications
Hi STeven, Having some issues trying to communicate to RR via sockets.  I have a new RR s...
3 years 3 636
NEWSFLASH for STEVEN!!!! Update from MEL!!!
Dear Steven,      I have worked Tediously All weekend trying to do experiments...
7 years 1 637
Tracking RBG patturn on shirt
I still trying to track a shirt succefully and i got the robot to follow a green shirt. But once it sees another green object it...
4 years 0 637

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