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Read Http crash
I am having problems on the Lan. I select Read Http and which is a mjpeg...
5 years 3 610
Integration of RoboRealm DLL library
Hi! How can i integrate RoboRealm dll library in my c# project to decode datamatrix barcode. And wh...
2 years 2 610
Remembering USB Camera
I have a USB Camera working with Roborealm.  When I restart Roborealm the USB camera is sometimes remembered but not a...
1 year 2 610
Robot Control form Overhead camera
How does one control the path of a robot when the only input is the image from the overhead camera? Once an image is acquired an...
6 years 2 611
how to detect knurling defects
Hi, I came across this awesome software and I'd like to master it. But there are so many functions that I am a bi...
1 year 5 611
RoboRealm Startup
Hey guys, running into another brick wall I can't see to figure out. I've got RoboRealm set to run on windows loading, however...
6 years 4 612
Tracking RBG patturn on shirt
I still trying to track a shirt succefully and i got the robot to follow a green shirt. But once it sees another green object it...
4 years 0 612
Hi all, I am new to roborealm and I currently am having a problem connecting a kinect sensor into r...
4 years 2 612
dialog boxes
I have the same problem as previously reported.  When I open the Line Profile dialog box, I can only move it a few pix...
7 years 2 613
Python Debug Print
In the current Help page for the Python API, rr.Print is listed but does not seem to exist in Roborealm 2.49.10.  Just...
4 years 1 613
Object recognition - batabase
Hi STeven I'm using 'Object recognition', and 'shape',  to examine sc...
3 years 2 613
Hello there, I have just upgraded to the latest Robo Realm  2.5.42
4 years 6 614
Blob circularity
Hi STeven, I am trying to determine the circularity of transparent spheres. I can successfully use ...
4 years 0 615
Edimax IC-3030WN
Hi, I'm not able to display pictures from  the Edimax LAN camera in roborealm. I use the...
5 years 5 616
Need help:  API response time fluctuates a lot
We have a basic .robo code that tracks the 3-point goal.  Most of the time, the time it takes the Java code running in...
4 years 3 616
Connecting 2 GoPro cameras via WiFi
Hello! We are working on a robotics project and have 2 GoPro cameras that we are wanting to stream video into Robo...
3 years 1 616
Multiple COG coordinates
Noob question .How do I display the COG coordinates of each of the 3 circles ?Clearly , the RGB filter , once set to (say) green...
3 years 2 616
snow globe
Gentlemen, I am also new to your very cool product.   Being Christmas season I would like...
2 years 4 616
For STeven
Hey Steven!!     Well, like I said earlier, the Kinect works on Win7 only. But,...
7 years 1 617
2014 FRC First Time Vision Tracking
Im new to RoboRealm Filters and am unsure what to do next. As of now our RoboFile recongizes the dynamic target and Follows it a...
3 years 2 617

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