loadProgram from Visual Basic
5 years
Hi STeven, I am trying to use Visual Basic 6 to load my Roborealm program, and using the rr.loadProgram command does not seem to work.  When I run the API VB example, it seems to work for everything except the loadProgram portion, which does not appear to do anything.

' run a .robo program
        rr.loadProgram "c:\www\RoboRealm\scripts\red.robo"

I do not have a www directory under my c drive, which probably explains why the example does not work, however even after changing to the correct path for my robo program, it does not load.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1413 posts] 5 years
Its likely that the path is not correct ... note that the double \\ (which the forum may have added) are C/CSharp syntax so make sure to have only single \ in your VB app.

Try copying the exact path you are using and use the Open button in RR to try to load in the same thing ... that should help determine what may be wrong with the path.

Note as a workaround you can load in the file using VB's readAll and then use the rr.execute to run the file.


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