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Problematic edge detection
Hi Steven, I notice when i use the sobel edge detection on an image of any object for example a rec...
5 years 2 648
Genius ilook 300 webcam not working with roborealm
Hi everyone, I recently bought a genius ilook 300 webcam to use for a robotics project with roborea...
5 years 2 648
I am lost on how to connect to my Cognex 5403 camera. In the drop down list its not there which I didn't expect it to. The came...
5 years 2 648
Webcam suggestions
Currently I'm using a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p for a simple vision application. However, it do...
3 years 2 648
Run without GUI
Hello, I have created a .robo program, but now I want to run the program without the GUI open, I thought I would ...
2 years 6 648
I have RR installed on one computer.  I am trying to install it on a RoBoard, but my trial subscription is up. &n...
7 years 2 649
biomedical engg.
Robotics r our life help in people...
7 years 1 649
marble maze
i want to try to build my own marble maze such as in tutorial. but i don't know how to connect the servo motor to controller. c...
6 years 2 649
Multiple clients connected to RoboRealm Server
I am running a remote client that is connecting to my robot. However, I now want to run a client locally in the robot machine to...
5 years 2 649
Handwriting/Signature Detection/Extraction
I'm curious to know if anyone has experimented detecting and extracting handwriting? One example is the signature on a check, d...
5 years 2 649
Roborealm wth Flir one Android camera to detect IR signatures
I want to use roborealm to aim a paintball sentry gun with a pan and tilt servo connected to an arduino.
3 years 2 649
Cal & Thickness Probe
The attached robofile illustrates two odd behaviors. 1) The auto calibration will not work on the o...
2 years 3 650
Hello, I've been working with the BoeBot for some time and would be interested in the wireless camera mod. I've read about the...
7 years 3 651
Looking for someone to help build a simple robotics parts model. Know very little about process, but do have an idea of parts ne...
5 years 1 651
Dicing up an image
Hi, I have a large image (~5000 x 3500) which I would like to cut up into sequence of smaller images (say 500 x 350) each with a...
4 years 3 651
Hello, I'm a user of the EZ-Robot and so super excited to see an interface in RoboRealm now. ...
4 years 2 651
Permanent Crash reports
With version .21 I get a crash report now each time I start the program. I have stopped sending these now.
4 years 3 651
multiple tabs
Currently it is not possible to work with more than two tabs. You can create more than two tabs, you can save it, but they will ...
5 years 2 652
Dialog Boxes
When I bring up any dialog such as the "Blob Size" filter, if I try to move the dialog box by clicking on the top title bar of...
8 years 5 653
RoboRealm Lagging WIth Arduino
So we are using Roborealm and Arduino to make an RC car that follows you around for a school project. At the moment we are using...
5 years 4 653

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