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RoboRealm Crashing WIth Arduino
So we are using RoboRealm to make a RC car that follows us... our first problem is that after about 1 or 2 minutes of roborealm ...
5 years 0 671
Line Following sensor
Hello, I want to use some line following sensors from Robotics Connection. The datasheet was at
5 years 2 671
Joystick variables over distributor server/client
I am using the distributor server/client modules to control my robot (a converted wheelchair).  I have a laptop on the...
5 years 3 672
Problematic edge detection
Hi Steven, I notice when i use the sobel edge detection on an image of any object for example a rec...
5 years 2 673
Help required in getting variables data
Dear Stevens, Good morning, I want to track x,y coordinates of a movin...
2 years 2 673
VCOMP120.DLL Error
RoboRealm_x64_v2.80.21.exe installed on Win7 x64 system.  "RoboRealm program can't start because VCOMP120.DLL is missi...
2 years 3 673
Working with multiple tabs
Hi, I use one tab for each color I want to track from a webcam. For each color, I want to send its...
1 year 2 673
biomedical engg.
Robotics r our life help in people...
7 years 1 674
Portal 2 Turret with SFX
Here's a quick little .robo that uses motion detection to provide provides smoothed targeting coordinates complete with Portal...
6 years 1 674
Skewed Image using Canvas
I am using the web server with RR 2.47.16. Attached is the slightly modified index.html file and the robo file I am using. The H...
6 years 0 674
multiple tabs
Currently it is not possible to work with more than two tabs. You can create more than two tabs, you can save it, but they will ...
5 years 2 674
Water Motion
Hello, this is my first view here. I just want to ask if somebody know how to detect a water motion here? This might be the prob...
4 years 2 674
Convert image of a curve into series of X,Y coordinates
Any idea how to convert into series of x,y coordinates of: 1. Blue curve 2. Upper and...
2 years 2 674
Pipeline with network tables?
How would you go about running your robofile in roborealm API through java for frc?...
1 year 2 674
Hey, Steven.     I had RR installed on two systems. A fast system and a robot....
7 years 2 675
human skin colour detection and tracking
hello, I want to make a robot that detects humans and track them(means it should detect the colour of human skin)... pls help me...
5 years 2 676
Hi all, Has anyone made a script for the "Executive Mayhem USB Missile Launcher" I am trying to un...
7 years 4 677
Multiple if Statement
hi guys...im having problems using multiple if statement.. in my program, there are 3 blobs present...
7 years 3 677
Detection of invert wires
I would like to ask which kind of module/filter or mode should I use to detect the invert wire of the black and the white wire a...
6 years 2 677
Robrealm Crashes every time
installed roboreal on my 64 bit windows 7 machine.But the programme crashes everytime i try to choose any of the modules.It does...
6 years 4 677

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