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Multiple COG coordinates
Noob question .How do I display the COG coordinates of each of the 3 circles ?Clearly , the RGB filter , once set to (say) green...
4 years 2 682
connect to modbus
does roborealm support Devicenet or only modbus? ...
3 years 2 682
MSRS displaying unprocessed image problem
Hi, every time I open the RoboRealm service interface running with MSRS 2008 R2 and select "none" in the example programs I ca...
8 years 2 683
Trouble installing
Purchased DVR and downloaded new file. Prior to installing updated RR file I uninstalled my original RR. I then attempted to ins...
6 years 3 683
Robotic arm usb
Hi. Has anyone got a working alternative to support this product with the USB interface ? ...
6 years 1 683
keyboard driving irobot create
The keyboard driving robofile for Roomba does not work with Create. Can someone provide a Create version? Thank you very much....
5 years 2 683
xvid codec not workintg
Hi, I am trying to install plugin DVR server. version 0.3. xvid codec is not responding. I install ...
3 years 5 683
For STeven
Hey Steven!!     Well, like I said earlier, the Kinect works on Win7 only. But,...
8 years 1 684
Will Robo Realm work for this?
Will robo realm transfer 3d movement of a model to the servos of "real" robot through video. Everything I have seen so far loo...
6 years 2 684
need some suggestions/help
there is a project that i should finish in 5 months... we put a webcam in the room.. vertically... and in the scen...
10 years 2 685
openni filter
I would like to control the 'line' top and bottom values from my VB program. Are these variables available through the api?
3 years 1 686
A couple of questions about annotations... 1)  Is there a way to clear some or all annota...
2 years 4 687
plss sugest me some simple applications so that i can start my venture in machine vision and learn the basics also.....
9 years 2 688
dialog boxes
I have the same problem as previously reported.  When I open the Line Profile dialog box, I can only move it a few pix...
8 years 2 688
Make Exe
Hi! Is it possible to compile the RoboRealm so that when it runs and sends data through VB Script t...
7 years 2 688
single frame image processing?
I am just wondering if it is possible to process one image frame only? I mean, I would like to give a trigger sign...
6 years 2 688
Where are the versions of RoboRealm listed?...
5 years 3 688
Edge Detection for laser trimming
Hi, I have a strip of BLACK magnet impregnated polymer. It is 1mm thick and can be any width or len...
5 years 2 688
Fixing AVI Files
Myself and others have been saving to AVI files the video and data on our robots. Occasionally something happens to interrupt RR...
5 years 1 688
SHAPES array
When using the Shape matching module, is it possible to access the variables stored in the array with modules other than the VBS...
3 years 2 688

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