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Object Recongition
I am currently working on a school project with Roborealm and my project is to place fruit under the camera and have it tell me...
6 years 2 652
FRC 2013 Angle Measurements
Hello, I am Kyle Fischer from team 3559. And we going to try to use vision tracking this year. We have had failed past attempts...
5 years 2 652
Microsoft Lifecam Cinema - driver missing
Hi Guys... I'm trying to use a Lifecam and I've got errors installing it. I just get a blank scre...
5 years 2 652
DLL Plugin. Static image refresh.
At analysis an example SwapColor.dll (also /Plugins/DLL/RRModule.sln) faced with problem. My actions: 1) Upload a ...
3 years 7 652
Integrate Module
hi experts, working with low light conditions i would prefer more control in the integrate module. ...
8 years 1 653
Fixing AVI Files
Myself and others have been saving to AVI files the video and data on our robots. Occasionally something happens to interrupt RR...
5 years 1 655
xvid codec not workintg
Hi, I am trying to install plugin DVR server. version 0.3. xvid codec is not responding. I install ...
3 years 5 655
Alerts - Signals - Beeps
How do I get Robo-realm to alert or signal when it identifies an object?  I would like Robo-realm to alert and send a ...
3 years 5 655
Reliable MCU communication
Hello! I am glad to join the community. I'm looking for a way to reliably pass variables from RoboR...
2 years 5 655
marble maze
i have visit teletoyland web. i have no problem with mechanical part because all the instruction are given. But i cannot identif...
6 years 2 656
blob within a circle
Hi, I am trying to detect if the circles are empty. Commonly there are blobs inside the circles, bu...
6 years 2 656
Multiple COG coordinates
Noob question .How do I display the COG coordinates of each of the 3 circles ?Clearly , the RGB filter , once set to (say) green...
4 years 2 656
Speak within an if Statement
Hi, I seem to have a problem with an If statement. When I place Speak within the If statement , no speech is heard...
2 years 2 656
Will Robo Realm work for this?
Will robo realm transfer 3d movement of a model to the servos of "real" robot through video. Everything I have seen so far loo...
6 years 2 657
Trouble installing
Purchased DVR and downloaded new file. Prior to installing updated RR file I uninstalled my original RR. I then attempted to ins...
6 years 3 657
Communicating  the presence of a blob to Arduino
Hi. I am new to RR and so putting my query with great hope. My project is to detect the internal defects in an egg. This can be ...
2 years 2 657
Comparing Folder images
Hello, I am trying to compare all the images in one Folder against all the images in another folder. The images are all named th...
1 year 8 657
RoboRealm Startup
Hey guys, running into another brick wall I can't see to figure out. I've got RoboRealm set to run on windows loading, however...
7 years 4 658
openni filter
I would like to control the 'line' top and bottom values from my VB program. Are these variables available through the api?
3 years 1 658
Rectangular DataMatrix barcode
Hi, I just purchase a commercial license of roborealm to test the possibility of using it in our pr...
2 years 2 658

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