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Low Frame Rate on Playstation Eye
I use  The Code Laboratories Playstation Eye module to process my images but the frame rate is lower than what I can s...
5 years 2 743
error during installing API
hi i am student at cal state university los angeles.. I tried to install api for using roborealm wi...
10 years 2 744
Object Recongition
I am currently working on a school project with Roborealm and my project is to place fruit under the camera and have it tell me...
7 years 2 744
GPU Support & Choosing a GPU
Any idea by when we will have GPU support? I am buying a laptop that would support this, any recom...
7 years 1 744
Edge Detection for laser trimming
Hi, I have a strip of BLACK magnet impregnated polymer. It is 1mm thick and can be any width or len...
6 years 2 744
shape recognition
Hi There : Im totally new here but would like to know if RoboRealm will help me do the following: I...
6 years 3 744
Counting bread
Hi all. I have been asked to count bread. Yep but before its cooked. Here is a link to the items passing under a lens
4 years 4 744
read the datetime
Is it possible to read the date and time as a variable value? Thank you very much. ...
6 years 2 745
Help button not working
When clicking the help button in the RoboRealm, I am presented a with an 'Open With...' dialog with no entries...
9 years 3 746
interface RR to c#
Hi I wrote my robot using c#, now I want to add vision.  I want to use RR, but being new...
7 years 2 746
Controlling RoboRealm through Java API
Hello, I'm doing a project on object recognition where the user will provide the image and based o...
5 years 5 746
Is RR compatible with Raspberry Pi ??...
5 years 2 746
Neato Lidar module - functional? data format?
I am attempting to use the Neato lidar module. I do not have the GetSurreal controller but I ported the GetSurreal...
3 years 4 746
Number of output images
hi i am using RR for colour detection in a video and i am saving those images where a specific colo...
11 years 2 747
Radial Distortion Coefficient input question
What are the P0 and SCALE variables for? (I understand what the other variables do.) both values are 1000 by default. what do th...
9 years 2 747
Multiple Running Instances
Hello STeven, I'm not able run second copy of RR on my desktop. Checkbox in Option/Application for ...
5 years 3 747
installable versions
Hello I'm using Roborealm in 2 identical robotic cells in two very different locations, the second ...
4 years 2 747
Purchase Process
Hi there, I just purchased the Roborealm Standard, but didn't see any instructions on the receipt of how I'm goi...
9 years 2 748
NEWSFLASH for STEVEN!!!! Update from MEL!!!
Dear Steven,      I have worked Tediously All weekend trying to do experiments...
9 years 1 748
Polulu mini maestro compass
Hi, I am new at this and have a question. I am making an ROV and am going to use roborealm to drive the servos ect via polulu mi...
7 years 1 748

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