Multiple Running Instances
Jiri  [1 posts]
4 years
Hello STeven,

I'm not able run second copy of RR on my desktop. Checkbox in Option/Application for Instances is confirmed - by instruction in Help:

"Instances - by clicking on "Allow Multiple Running Instances" you can have more than one copy of RoboRealm active within your desktop."

Can be reason Free trial version which I use now?



Steven from United States  [1401 posts] 4 years

It should work as expected in the Trial version. What is most likely happening is that your user permissions are unable to write this information to the Registry. If you try selecting RoboRealm.exe and right click to Run As Admin that may work. You'll then need to go into that same dialog and set that checkbox. Once that's done just exit and the registry should be updated. You can then run as a normal user.

Alternatively, if you hold down the CTRL key on each invocation it will start a new instance. Note, this also clears all settings which can be annoying so I'd try running as admin at least once to get that registry setting correct.

If you download the latest version (just use the link you initially received as it auto-updates) you can instead just press the ALT key when starting up RR which will then force a new instance and NOT zero out your settings like the CTRL key does. This was just added after reading your post since there are times when its nice just to launch a second instance without changing the system setting.

Anonymous 4 years
Thank you!

Now RR working by my expectation.


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