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Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB
Im still trying to find a good way to track a person. Ive used a single color, while this works, once it sees the same color it ...
5 years 0 701
Full screen mode
When I change the zoom level to full screen I just get a black screen. Works fine at all other zoom levels but can...
4 years 2 701
NEWSFLASH for STEVEN!!!! Update from MEL!!!
Dear Steven,      I have worked Tediously All weekend trying to do experiments...
8 years 1 702
read the datetime
Is it possible to read the date and time as a variable value? Thank you very much. ...
5 years 2 703
Is RR compatible with Raspberry Pi ??...
4 years 2 703
How to execute/run a robo file
Hello, How do I execute a"robo" file after it has been configured with different modules in the Rob...
4 years 2 703
A couple of questions about annotations... 1)  Is there a way to clear some or all annota...
2 years 4 703
FPS drops with multiple cameras housed within if tests modules
We have  three "if test" modules that are used to determine which of three web cameras to display (see attached imag...
4 years 2 704
Polulu mini maestro compass
Hi, I am new at this and have a question. I am making an ROV and am going to use roborealm to drive the servos ect via polulu mi...
6 years 1 705
Getting a boolean variable for target identification
Hi, I am trying to get a boolean result from the network table of roborealm, so that, when the camera identifies the goal, the v...
5 years 2 705
Number of output images
hi i am using RR for colour detection in a video and i am saving those images where a specific colo...
10 years 2 706
stripped down version of RR
I am looking for a similar program with nice Windows GUI like RoboRealm, but I only need the Imaging filters/functions, i don't...
8 years 3 706
The current offer for a one use license looks great but my bot is running on WindowsXP. Is that an issue with the latest release...
5 years 4 706
interface RR to c#
Hi I wrote my robot using c#, now I want to add vision.  I want to use RR, but being new...
6 years 2 707
Easy N IP Camera
I have one EasyN IP Camera. Is it possible to connect using roboRealm? I tried to pu the Ip but nothing happened....
6 years 2 707
High Quality Camera Without Flicker
Dear all, I appreciate if anyone can recommend a high quality camera without flicker issue at any frequency (Hz) under various c...
5 years 2 707
Low Frame Rate on Playstation Eye
I use  The Code Laboratories Playstation Eye module to process my images but the frame rate is lower than what I can s...
4 years 2 707
What are the radial coefficients for the AXIS M1101 Camera for use in the Radial Distortion Module.
5 years 2 708
Automatic Image Calibration
Hello, I am trying to run Roborealm on a Kangaroo for a project where I need to identify the specific location of ...
1 year 5 708
New Robots
Hi there, I wonder if roborealm has any plans to interface to the new Qbo robot ? the platform is awesome and uses ros as a base...
5 years 3 709

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