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Automatic Image Calibration
Hello, I am trying to use Automatic Image Calibration, but I'm having difficulty.  I have...
2 years 2 691
Help button not working
When clicking the help button in the RoboRealm, I am presented a with an 'Open With...' dialog with no entries...
8 years 3 692
for Steven
Hey, Steven,      Here is a situation that I have run into. I have been trying...
7 years 3 692
Does RoboRealm use PC processor's SIMD instructions?
I was wondering if some of the RoboRealm modules take advantage of Intel's/AMD's SIMD instructions....
7 years 3 692
New Roboshow
Hey Everyone I am casting for a groundbreaking mechanized robotic competition show, and I am looking for great people! Think Rea...
6 years 1 692
Problem using API (newbie)
I am having a problem using API code given in the samples.(I am using MSVC++).When I compile and execute main.cpp I get the erro...
9 years 3 693
Need an image/video processing programmer
I'm not sure if this is the right place to do this, so I apologize in advance if this post is in the wrong place. I was referre...
7 years 1 693
Bug in call module
Hi STeven, I think there is a bug in the call module. All the IF statements in the called tab gets ...
5 years 3 693
VB Program help
Dear Stevens, Thank you very much for your help on IF_Statement module and call function module. I ...
2 years 2 693
Problems interfacing a PIC18F2455
Hi im triyn to use a PIC18F2455 IN cdc mode (as a virtual COM port) when i use serial module of rob...
8 years 2 694
Robo Relam Trial expired
Hi, My Robo Relam Trial period has expired . Is it possible to increase trial period....
6 years 2 694
Installer and License Issues
Dear to whom this may concern, I've bought the single license of $49.95 for personal use. Now, I'm wondering if we can create...
6 years 2 694
my robofile is hidden
I can open my robofile from RoboRealm, but when I go to the Example folder I cannot see it. Please help.
5 years 3 694
STeven, I am trying to copy multiple lines from one program to another. I can select multiple lines...
4 years 3 694
DLL extension
The DLL swapcolors that comes with RR does not show under the extensions branch. Is there something specific that...
9 years 4 695
How do I select the size of the rectangle I want to track? For example I want to lock on to the 3 point goal at close distance a...
5 years 4 695
pixel detection
i got a project from one of colleagues and in that project he told me the avm061.dll is the main algorithm logic which is...
5 years 2 696
Syntax to receive char from arudino to vbscript
hey guys. I'm doing a project which uses roborealm vbscript and arduino (using serial module). the vbscript will send a characte...
2 years 2 696
Simple arithmtic operations
Are there in roborealm simple arithmetic operations (+,-,x,/) ? I couldnt find them so please, if they are not there, can you ad...
10 years 2 697
I'm testing out Distributor_Client and Distributor_Host over a localhost, using LZW for the best speed, as I need Real-Time vid...
9 years 2 697

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