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Electrical Question
We had a great time making our robot but we really had no percedption of how fast it was going to move when we calculated inches...
8 years 1 743
for EDV
Hi, ED.     I have good news and bad news. I got the parts in to finish Fred my...
7 years 3 743
Laser scanner
I am embarking on a project which will require reactive navigation.   I have acquired a long range LIDAR hokuyu(sp?), ...
3 years 3 743
Does RoboRealm use PC processor's SIMD instructions?
I was wondering if some of the RoboRealm modules take advantage of Intel's/AMD's SIMD instructions....
7 years 3 744
Arduino Mega-Roborealm Serial Timing Question
I am currently working on a telepresence robot using Roborealm.   From a remote computer, I am able to login to the ro...
3 years 2 744
Just take one picture
Hi everybody, is there a module in RR just to take a picture when needed? I got a checkerboard and...
7 years 2 745
Installer and License Issues
Dear to whom this may concern, I've bought the single license of $49.95 for personal use. Now, I'm wondering if we can create...
6 years 2 745
A couple of questions about annotations... 1)  Is there a way to clear some or all annota...
2 years 4 745
OSC port settings not changeable
I recently run into some strange problems using the OSC protocol interface inside Roborealm. I found some work-arounds . This is...
7 years 2 746
Cannot change Color Format for camera
Hello, I am trying to use a iDS UI-1241LE camera in combination with roborealm. I have got the came...
5 years 3 746
Installation Problem
Hello, We are trying to install the 30 day free trial on 64bit machines with Windows 7, but we are ...
5 years 2 746
Blob morphology
Hi STeven, I am trying to determine the circularity of transparent spheres. I can successfully use ...
5 years 0 746
Kshitij 2014
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2014, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 31st Janua...
5 years 1 746
PCB Screw Holes
Hello! I am completely new to the world of vision systems and need your help.
2 years 11 746
image processing
how can i recognize the numeric digits in different images of circular tokens which are very similar to coins....
8 years 2 747
quad core processing usage
Hi, I am running some image processing using 2 1280 x 960 cameras and needing the full 7.5 frames per second these cameras are o...
8 years 2 747
Web Server - Ip Addresses
I'm wondering if it is possible to display information about the connections to the web server.  IP Address, Duration...
6 years 2 747
Windows 8 Compatibility
Hi, Can anyone please confirm if roborealm is compatible with windows 8 consumer preview?
6 years 1 747
Statistics with a black picture
Hi STeven, Color_Statistics Moment_Statistics Geometric_Statistics
5 years 2 747
RoboRealm 64 bit
Hi Steven , I used to interface Roborealm using c++ dll interface, but of the late migrated to 64 bit Compiler sui...
3 years 4 747

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