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UPDATE ON 2.29.6
Hey Steven,     With 2.29.6 everything is the same for me, except the square to...
8 years 1 720
Blob circularity and morphology
Hi STeven, I am trying to determine the circularity and morphology of transparent spheres. I am usi...
5 years 1 720
serial communication
i want to ask something, why when i transmit data to microcontroller, it's look like have some delay when receive...
9 years 2 721
Hello every body, i have a problem with a variable I use to comunicate with an microcontroller. In fact I have a m...
5 years 2 721
Bug in call module
Hi STeven, I think there is a bug in the call module. All the IF statements in the called tab gets ...
5 years 3 721
I'm testing out Distributor_Client and Distributor_Host over a localhost, using LZW for the best speed, as I need Real-Time vid...
9 years 2 722
Imagenation PXC200A video capture card compatability?
Has anyone tried getting a Imagenation PXC200A video capture card to work with RoboRealm?  (http://www.imagenation.com...
7 years 3 722
How do I select the size of the rectangle I want to track? For example I want to lock on to the 3 point goal at close distance a...
5 years 4 722
my robofile is hidden
I can open my robofile from RoboRealm, but when I go to the Example folder I cannot see it. Please help.
5 years 3 722
I'm having trouble tracking fiducials when they rotate and are not centered in the camera's view.
4 years 4 722
Electrical Question
We had a great time making our robot but we really had no percedption of how fast it was going to move when we calculated inches...
8 years 1 723
Installer and License Issues
Dear to whom this may concern, I've bought the single license of $49.95 for personal use. Now, I'm wondering if we can create...
6 years 2 723
Web Server - Ip Addresses
I'm wondering if it is possible to display information about the connections to the web server.  IP Address, Duration...
6 years 2 724
Cannot change Color Format for camera
Hello, I am trying to use a iDS UI-1241LE camera in combination with roborealm. I have got the came...
5 years 3 724
STeven, I am trying to copy multiple lines from one program to another. I can select multiple lines...
4 years 3 725
Regarding Color Identification
I am new to Robo Realm and i am quite impressed with it. I need help in only identifying the red and green color(for traffic sig...
2 years 2 725
Image Comparison
Hello, I have a folder containing 42 different templates, and another folder with 42 images in the same order and...
2 years 6 725
Windows 8 Compatibility
Hi, Can anyone please confirm if roborealm is compatible with windows 8 consumer preview?
6 years 1 726
Problem with Connect_Points
Using version, connect_points worked fine.  Now using it somewhat works when I first o...
10 years 3 727
Population threshold
Hi, I'm interest Population threshold feature, but I can't found relative paper, anybody can recommand some paper about the th...
10 years 2 727

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