Andy McEvoy  [5 posts]
4 years
I'm having trouble tracking fiducials when they rotate and are not centered in the camera's view.

I've attached a picture that shows this.

Is there any way to improve the tracking ability when the fiducials rotate or when they get closer to the screens edges?


Andy McEvoy  [5 posts] 4 years
A little more detail about my problem.

I am trying to track the displacements of a bar as it deforms. The bar is 12" long and the initial set up is shown in the first attached figure.

The bar has 6 fiducials on it. All of them are of the 'bedroom' type and are 0.85" square. The camera is mounted about 18" above the fiducials and movement occurs only on the table surface (not toward or away from the camera).

Typically I lose tracking on the top and bottom fiducials. I also lose tracking as the top fiducials rotate.

The fiducial settings are shown in the attached picture.

System setup:
RoboRealm v2.61.15
Logitech C920
1920x1080 @5 fps, RGB24

Any help in getting a better tracking of these points would be greatly appreciated.

Steven from Your Country  [1376 posts] 4 years

Thanks for the images ... ideally we would test with the raw un-annotated images but I think we got lucky.

If you change your Focal length from 250 to 100 I think you will find it works better. This is based on the camera you are using.

Second, can you download the latest version as we did notice an inefficiency when calculating the position of small fiducials (small wrt the rest of the image size) which has now been corrected which will also help make your detection more stable. This is in v. 2.61.16

Andy McEvoy  [5 posts] 4 years

Seems to be working much much better now. I haven't lost any of the fiducials during tracking yet!

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