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Read_HTTP Timeout [2]
Cuba, We've added a timeout in the latest version. Note that this number is in milliseconds.
9 years 2 1413
Optical Flow algorithm [2]
Its a Block-based method similar to how you do stereo correlation. You can read more at ...
8 years 2 2020
Multiple COG coordinates [2]
Actually it doesn't ... unless the other circles are more of the color just selected. That's why the GUI uses checkboxes as ap...
8 years 2 1259
Copy Cut and Paste [2]
While not perfect, you can select a module, press CTRL-C and then jump to a different tab, or instance and press CTRL-V which wi...
8 years 2 1419
Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25 [2]
Andy, 1. Have you tried the connection in a regular laptop? This is just to ensure that your wiring...
7 years 11 3105
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [4]
Jeremy, As long as you used the button in the Virtual Camera tab to install the drivers it would ha...
7 years 12 1868
Analog Input [2]
Yes, you can type in a variable name next to that analog input in the Phidgets 888 module. That variable will then get the value...
4 years 2 1502
Target Localization Module? [5]
Can you post a couple (at least 3) images of where the top filter fails along with your current robofile (saved RR config)? We w...
9 years 11 2207
Hardware for HDMI or HD-SDI input? [3]
Rolf, We don't have anything in particular in mind ... we'd be just as good as you at looking at ...
9 years 2 1891
Sparkfun-Arduino servo control not working [4]
Almost, the Red Object tracking will send out 0 to however wide the image is in pixels ... so if your camera happens to be 180 p...
9 years 4 3001
Options tabs [2]
Nemanya, This has been corrected. The kiosk title should remain even when opening robofiles or imag...
8 years 3 1378
Not a JPEG error when using read_HTTP module [7]
Darathian, That's good news! I think for the arrays, we may be a bit ...
8 years 21 2632
Distributor_Client not syncing joystick values [2]
John, Thanks for the video. The issue was that values from one of the variables was being partially...
8 years 2 1456
Roborelam COG not appear [2]
Its just off the image. If you add the Watch_Variable module (or just press CTRL-W) you will see all the variables with the COG_...
8 years 2 2233
servo control [2]
There are a couple of reasons this might be happening. One is that not enough power is provided to the servo or servo controller...
4 years 2 1585
Directional close [3]
Dawson, That's been added to 2.48.22. Give it a try and see if that is what you needed. The result...
9 years 9 2116
floor detect [3]
You will need to point the camera more down to the floor. As your floor and walls are very similar in color, you will have to re...
9 years 2 2039
Running PowerShell scripts in RR [5]
Dawson, You can't just type in the .ps extension as that doesn't execute. You need to find that p...
9 years 6 1979
Barcode 128A [2]
Can you include an example of an image that you tested that didn't seem to work? That will help us determine if the current Cod...
8 years 7 2503
Sparki sketch [5]
David, Yea, we used the more typical 0 to 255 with 128 being neutral for the servo sweep.
8 years 10 2735

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