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XY coordinate measurement
I need to measure  the X Y co-ordinates of the moving robot arm tip. I send signals to the servo...
16 year 2 2843
xvid codec not workintg
Hi, I am trying to install plugin DVR server. version 0.3. xvid codec is not responding. I install ...
8 year 5 1827
Xtion shows artifact in line mode
I have an Xtion Pro Live running in roborealm 320x240, line mode with the max min set at 61, 59. No matter where t...
10 year 5 3354
xtion range data
Would it be possible to get access to the range data from LINE mode in the Openni interface? I am u...
10 year 4 1594
xtion image reversed in openni2
I've just started using the openni2 module with my xtion pro live. I thought the line data was a l...
10 year 4 2039
XP sp3 reboots when bluetooth establishes connection w/ boebot in Roborealm
In the past Roborealm worked great w/ my previous computer(also an sp3), although I spent a very long time trying to install my...
15 year 5 2530
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation
Some new questions surfaced as I'm working to update the node.js interface I wrote which allows my code to interact with RoboRea...
6 year 8 2592
Ximea issue
Steven, Firstly, compliments to the RR team for your impressive efforts.
11 year 1 1562
XBOX Camera
Hello i'm new to  roborealm and tries to use my microsoft xbox camera but i cant get any image. it is all black. The...
11 year 13 2923
Xbee with Arduino
Harold, Would you be willing to share your robo setup using the Xbee, Arduino and joystick....
11 year 10 3590
XBEE IEEE 802.15.4 - LR-WPAN
Does anyone know if the Parallax Mod will work with a XBEE - IEEE 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network proto...
16 year 1 3063
x10 firecracker
Steven, Can you add support for the x10 firecracker? ...
13 year 3 2090
X-10 communication?
Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to control x10 or similar computer (serial or usb connected...
15 year 5 2393
X, Y List variable
What parameters are transmitted in Automatic Image Calibration Module into the Calibration Type > X, Y List variable?
7 year 2 2481
x, y coordinates for object recognition
Hello STeven, How to get X Y coordinates for multiple objects from Object Recognition. I am able to ...
9 year 2 1730
X Position
Hello, I have a project where I am identifying objects on a conveyor based on size and geometry. I ...
3 year 1 2138
x and y coordinates
Hi there, 1. Why the total number of path on navigate mode is limited to 7 ? 2. Can  file...
12 year 4 3271
WVC200 image not writing to RR...
Was running RR program with no problem. I had to move my setup to another computer. Upgraded to v2.48.2. Reloaded RR. Now I can\...
11 year 2 1552
Wrong marker image get via COM API
I'm using roborealm to analyze content of template document (basically one or two barcodes and several X marks on known position...
7 year 2 1613
Writing to Clipboard
Is it possible to write a variable value to the clipboard? It would seem that this might be a simple way to pass data to a Visua...
10 year 4 2484

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