xtion range data
Dave Everett from Australia  [18 posts]
9 year
Would it be possible to get access to the range data from LINE mode in the Openni interface?

I am using visual basic and it would be great to access the data as an array so I can make range maps from the data.

I imagine this could simply be a 320 or 640 index array with the range value stored as a integer.

Dave Everett
Dave Everett from Australia  [18 posts] 9 year
My original post may not have been clear.

While it would be possible to scan through the image looking for the line position, that would be very slow in VB. I'm hoping it might be possible to get access to the raw values that are used to plot the line as this would only be an array of either 320 or 640 integers.

Then from VB I could GetVariable for each item in the array. That would be very fast to get access to and use for mapping directly in VB.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 9 year

That makes sense. Its probably a good candidate to put results into an array. The latest version does just that for all 3 Kinect modules (Microsoft Kinect, OpenNI and OpenNI2). You can see the new array in the Watch module.

Please download the latest version and see if this works for you.

Dave Everett from Australia  [18 posts] 9 year
Steven, This is perfect. You've opened up many more possibilities with this update.


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