xtion image reversed in openni2
Dave Everett from Australia  [18 posts]
9 year
I've just started using the openni2 module with my xtion pro live.

I thought the line data was a little funny when I realised the image is reversed in the module. I've attached a grab, the objects showing on the right in the roborealm window are in fact on the left.

Dave Everett from Australia  [18 posts] 9 year
Looks like it might be the MIRRORING flag, from the programmers reference:

Mirroring causes the VideoStream to appear as if seen in a mirror – ie, the image is transformed by reflecting all pixels across the vertical axis.  To enable or disable mirroring, use the VideoStream::setMirroringEnabled() function.  Pass in TRUE to turn on mirroring, and FALSE to turn it off.  The current mirroring setting can be queried by using the getMirroringEnabled() function.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 9 year

A Horizontal Flip checkbox was added to OpenNI and OpenNI2 module that should do this. Please download the latest RR version to get this update.

Dave Everett from Australia  [1 posts] 9 year
Thanks Steve.

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