Wrong marker image get via COM API
Kresimir Majdenic from Croatia  [14 posts]
8 year
I'm using roborealm to analyze content of template document (basically one or two barcodes and several X marks on known positions on A5 paper).
There is also a windows application which connects to RoboRealm and through COM API retrieves barcodes, X marks and two images. Left image (left half of A5 paper) and right image (right half).
In roborealm there are two markers (LeftImage and RightImage). When looking in roborealm markers shows correct images but in windows application images are not the same as in markers. For instance LeftImage is actually right one and RightImage is an image used in some previous step of analysis.
RoboRealm program is quite long and split between several tabs. Both left and right image are created (cropped actually) in one of those tabs.

Any idea what might be the problem?
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

Couple things you can try:

1. Be sure to use the Marker module to name the image something specific and use that marker name in the API when grabbing the image. That will avoid confusion around which image you should  be grabbing.

2. Are you using the WaitImage API call just before grabbing the images? If not, the API is not in sync with the pipeline execution and thus would grab the images at essentially random times through the processing loop which would cause the irregular image captures. Adding in the WaitImage will ensure that the current image has been processed and all results that the pipeline would create have been created at least for the current image. Right after the WaitImage grabbing the images using the marker names should provide you with what you need.


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