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What would be the best webcam to use with RoboRealm & an Intel Atom (DG945GCLF)
Hey STeven, I have a feeling this question has been already asked but I guess the only dumb questio...
14 year 3 2120
what will EZ-ROBOT module come out
Steven when will the EZ-ROBOT board interface come out its a great board for robotics ,uses bluetooth or usb-ttl i...
11 year 7 2137
What steps do I take.
Now that I have RR, what steps do I take to get Navigation and Obstical Avoidance working on LEAF? I know that you had this work...
13 year 1 1892
What robots did you start out using?
Hi everybody! I'm a new-found robot enthusiast and I was interested in which robots all of you hobbyists started out messing wi...
10 year 2 1728
what pc components are important for image processing?
Hi! When putting together a PC for roborealm and image processing computer in general, what are the...
13 year 3 1792
What is the LASER_ORIENTATION variable in Laser_Spot module?
I can't find any description for the LASER_ORIENTATION variable in the Laser_Spot module. I don't understand what it could be...
13 year 3 3206
What is page2.html
I recently noticed a file in the download called "page2.html"... it looks like it just has "dfgdfddf" as its contents.
15 year 2 2401
what is COG_X in auto image calibration
in automatic image calibration dialog box, what is the calibration type: COG_X COG_Y? I do not see description in help. ...
7 year 2 2407
What if I'm selling my robotics product?
Hello. First of all, I'm very grateful for this piece of software. I used to own it when it was fr...
11 year 2 1530
what happen about the interface to EZ-ROBOT BOARD
Steven what happen about adding the EZ-ROBOT BOARD TO ROBOREALM...
11 year 3 2001
What about this camera?
Anyone know if this camera will work with roborealm? http://00389ee.netsolhost.com/main/usb...
16 year 2 1850
Weld seam detection
Dear Sir I have an application for detection of welding seam with a laser line generator. The line is broken at th...
14 year 4 3183
Weld defect detection
Sorry... here are the files from my last post.......
13 year 1 1786
Weld defect detection
Steven, I'm still experimenting with the issue to find the 2 points where the weld ends and calcu...
13 year 2 2733
Weld defect detecting
Steven, I bought RoboRealm software and made many expremients concerning weld detection issue in da...
13 year 0 2137
webServer Index help
Hi all im having trouble punting images on the index.html to show on the webserver, if i put the image whit a link form a websit...
13 year 10 2336
Hello, Can you please explain a bit more how to use the webserver i now how to design the buttons a...
11 year 4 1822
webpage and keyboard
What is the code for access the keyboard interface in roborealm through the webpage.  I would like to use the arrow ke...
15 year 2 1812
Webcsm with Zoom Facility
Hi, Anyone suggest me the webcam with zoom facility.I need to control the zoom through software.I n...
13 year 10 5424
Webcam suggestions
Currently I'm using a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p for a simple vision application. However, it do...
8 year 2 1761

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