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Matching omnidirectional images
Hello, I am trying to determine the relative position of a robot that uses an omnidirectional imagi...
12 years 0 1509
Visually Guided Reaching and Grasping [2]
Hello, I thought some of you might be interested in a recent video I made of my robot tracking two ...
10 years 1 1202
Bug in Optical Flow Module or my reasoning? [2]
Hi STeven et. al., I'm coming back to the issue of using the Eliminate Global Flow checkbox in the...
10 years 1 1180
Any experience with Bumblebee2 stereo camera? [2]
Does anyone out there have any experience with the Bumblebee2 stereo camera from Point Grey Research? (http://www.ptgrey.com/pro...
10 years 1 1582
Thanks for the Align Histogram module! [2]
Hey STeven, Congrats on releasing the new Align_Histogram module--and thanks!  This is go...
11 years 1 2716
Advice needed for analyzing 360-degree images [2]
Hello, I have set up a 360-degree vision system on my robot and would like to use it to aid indoor ...
12 years 1 1498
Project. [2]
Hi Major, If you haven't already done so, check out the Tutorials section on this site.  ...
10 years 1 1850
RR/Rovio [3]
Hey Jason, From my own experience, RoboRealm works very nicely with Rovio.  If you haven\...
11 years 2 1641
saving optical flow result [3]
I think what you are looking for is the Write_AVI module under Loading/Saving.  Also, be sure to select a Quality othe...
12 years 2 1382
From Movment Center of Gravity to Color Center of Gravity [3]
Hello, This .robo file might get you part way there.  It uses a filled white circle of si...
12 years 3 1455
Thanks for the Optical Flow module! [4]
Thanks STeven--don't know how I missed that!  Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for.  So I'll play w...
12 years 3 1603
Feature Request: Surface Plot row averages [4]
Hi STeven, This is perfect! I'm already putting it to good use. Many ...
12 years 3 1479
Multiple RoboRealm Instances [3]
Hey Marco, Take a look at the Marker module (under the Other category) and the Set Variables &...
11 years 3 1627
Geometric Statistics problem with Crop Module [2]
Hi STeven, I'm using the latest and greatest RR and I think there may be a bug when the Ge...
11 years 3 2543
Demonstration of RoboRealm and Omnidirectional Vision [4]
Thanks STeven!  I am truly honored! --patrick ...
11 years 3 1401
SRV-1 camera board frame rates? [4]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the clarification.  Sounds like it will work nicely. ...
12 years 3 1693
COG_BOX_SIZE = 0 when box display = 100% [2]
I just noticed a bug in RR 2.14.15.  If you use the COG module and set the displayed box size to 100%, then the COG_BO...
10 years 3 2597
Optic flow from Visual Anchor module? [2]
Hi STeven, I'm not sure if this is even remotely possible but I thought I'd ask any way. &nb...
12 years 3 1379
Thanks for the Optical Flow module! [2]
Hi STeven, The new Optical Flow module rocks!  Congratulations on getting it
12 years 3 1603
Feature Request: Surface Plot row averages [2]
Hi STeven et. al., I just wanted to put this request in your queue: would it be possible to add an ...
12 years 3 1479

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