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Frequent crashes with Crop module [4]
Hi STeven, I have found four modules that cause trouble when following the Crop module: Geometric S...
11 years 5 1445
Bug in API getImage?  Missing top 4 pixel rows [2]
Hi STeven, I'm having some trouble with the API getImage method in my C# program.  I hav...
11 years 5 1949
Bug with Read_HTTP module [4]
Just an update on my original post:  it appears that I can minimize the delay problem by setting the max FPS on the Li...
10 years 5 1395
Feature Request: Include X and Y Trans in FIDUCIAL variables [3]
P.S.  I noticed that the FIDUCIAL module displays a "pretty" name for the filename wherein "_" characters are turn...
10 years 5 2430
Feature Request: Histogram Array Variable(s) [2]
P.S. I'd be using the array variables via the RoboRealm API in a C# program as opposed to within the RR GUI, in case that makes...
11 years 5 1618
Any recommendations for wireless webcams? [4]
Well, after all that, it turns out the problem was simply the wide angle lens I was using on the Sparkfun camera.  Whe...
11 years 5 2647
Optical Flow Module hanging RoboRealm 2.14.1 [4]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the update.  Unfortunately, I get the same problem in 2.14.3. ...
9 years 5 2774
Tennis ball finder? [4]
Hi STeven, Many thanks for the cool solution!  I never would have thought of using the Do...
11 years 5 3672
No "send" command in API wrapper? [5]
This is brilliant!  Many thanks for the quick solution--works like a charm.  I think your update routine wou...
11 years 5 1282
Axis 207MW network camera and MPEG-4 video stream [6]
Thanks STeven, I poked around the D-Link website for additional drivers or firmware updates for the...
9 years 5 5914
Bug with Read_HTTP module [3]
I forgot to state that I am using RR version 2.2.9. ...
10 years 5 1395
Feature Request: Include X and Y Trans in FIDUCIAL variables [2]
Hi STeven, I wonder if some time down the road you could include FIDUCIAL_X_TRANS and FIDUCIAL_Y_TR...
10 years 5 2430
Any recommendations for wireless webcams? [3]
Hello, I have a 1.2 GHz wireless camera from Sparkfun that can be seen at:
11 years 5 2647
Tennis ball finder? [2]
Hello, I'm trying to use RoboRealm to detect tennis balls in an image.  My robot uses a ...
11 years 5 3672
How does new Floor Finder work with old settings? [2]
Hi STeven, I'm having some difficulty getting the new Floor Finder module to work as nicely as the...
9 years 6 3154
Tracking Entrance and Exit [3]
I think the Optical Flow module will give you exactly what you want. --patrick ...
8 years 6 2116
Future support for Minoru 3D webcam? [7]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the update.  I look forward to the new Stereo module when the time ...
9 years 6 2088
Future support for Minoru 3D webcam? [2]
Hi STeven, I was wondering if there is any plan for supporting the Minoru 3D webcam in the not-too-...
9 years 6 2088
camera view showing in my own visual basic.net app [3]
Hi Darren Check out this earlier post--especially the message near the bottom about using a web bro...
10 years 6 2043
Resizing Video Stream on the Webpage [7]
Thanks STeven!  Those are great suggestions that I will give a try. --patrick
9 years 6 1496

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