Feature Request: Surface Plot row averages
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Hi STeven et. al.,

I just wanted to put this request in your queue: would it be possible to add an "Average" checkbox to the Surface Plot module?  By that I mean that what gets computed is the average row value down each column.  The display could then be a grayscale image the same size as the original where the gray value is constant down each column.  (It would look sort of like a bar scan code.)

The reason I ask is that it turns out that a horizontal 1-D average of an unfolded omnidirectional image is very useful for computing the relative orientation between two such images.  (I use a 1-D cross correlation.)  I'm currently doing the averaging myself in a C# program after grabbing the unfolded omnidirectional image from RoboRealm.  But it took me some time to figure out how to average Bitmap row values in an efficient way and it occurred to me that others might benefit from having this functionality as part of the Surface Plot module.  It would be even cooler if you could add another checkbox to normalize the grayscale values by dividing each by the SQRT of the norm of the 1-D array.

Just a thought--and thanks!

Anonymous 12 years

Check out the changes to the pixelate module in v1.8.23.28 as we updated it to allow for different X and Y block sizes. If you use X =1 and Y = 240 you will be able to generate that type of image you mentioned. Plus the pixelate has other types of methods other than mean which can be interesting.

Was that what you were thinking about?

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Hi STeven,

This is perfect! I'm already putting it to good use.

Many thanks!

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