COG_BOX_SIZE = 0 when box display = 100%
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11 years
I just noticed a bug in RR 2.14.15.  If you use the COG module and set the displayed box size to 100%, then the COG_BOX_SIZE variable is set to 0 no matter what the actual size is.  Setting the box size to any lower value (e.g. 90%) restores COG_BOX_SIZE to an appropriate number.

A lesser bug: if you add the Display_Variables module to an existing pipeline, the chosen variables don't display until after you close and restart RoboRealm.


Anonymous 11 years

Thanks ... the first has been fixed in 2.16 just uploaded.

Can you send a robofile with the Display_variable that indicates the behavior you mention? We realize that it will probably work for us since it will have been saved but we were unable to replicate the issue and having the robofile will help.

from United States  [214 posts] 11 years
Hi STeven,

Thanks for the quick fix!  Also, when using the new RR 2.16,  I can no longer reproduce the other issue regarding Display_Variables so I think it is safe to ignore for now.


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