From Movment Center of Gravity to Color Center of Gravity
11 years
I have following problem:
If I dedect a movent of an object.
For ex. a red ball is rolling over the floor. I want to pick up the color of the moving object (here red) and then following the color.

//The movment tracker:
Blob Size
Center of Gravity (i call it: movCOG)

if movement then
//colo tracker
RGBFilter(main color of the range of movCOG)
Blob Size
Center of Gravity (colorCOG)


How can I do something like this.

Sry for my english. I hope u understand my Problem
(U can allso answer in german)

from United States  [214 posts] 11 years

This .robo file might get you part way there.  It uses a filled white circle of size 30 in the Center of Gravity module to multiply the original source.  (You can change the size and shape as you like.) This removes all of the source image except the portion around the moving object.  You can then use the Color_Statistics module (under Analysis) to get the mean color of the region.


from United States  [214 posts] 11 years
On second thought, it doesn't have to be that complicated.  Simply put the Color Statistics module after the Movement module and make sure the "Set Movement to White" checkbox is un-checked in the Movement module.  Then you can get the color values averaged across just the moving pixels.


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