SRV-1 camera board frame rates?
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Hi STeven,

I was considering  the SRV-1 camera board as an alternative to a USB webcam to use with my robot.  In particular, I liked the SRV-1's 90-degree and 120-degree wide angle lens options.  However, I noticed in your documentation for the SRV-1 robot module that frame rates are quite slow--only 4 fps for a rather small 80x64 image.  The raw specs on the SRV camera board seem to imply more like 30 fps for a VGA image.  Can you explain the discrepancy?

Anonymous 11 years

The older version of the SRV using Zigbee radio transmission was around 3-4 fps, the newer blackfin model uses 802.11 and can transmit close to 30fps depending on the image size. At 320x240 we've gotten +20fps but your experience may also depend on the amount of wireless traffic.

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Hi STeven,

Thanks for the clarification.  Sounds like it will work nicely.


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