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SRV-1 camera board frame rates? [2]
Hi STeven, I was considering  the SRV-1 camera board as an alternative to a USB webcam to...
11 years 3 1583
A question about the LAB_Channel module [4]
Thanks STeven--that's exactly what I needed.  As for the ANN stuff, for the moment I am just using a Perceptron with ...
9 years 3 2301
Visual Anchor with one or two static images? [2]
Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to use the Visual Anchor module to compare a static image ...
11 years 3 1427
Small "fix" for Python API [4]
Cool--I'm honored! --patrick ...
9 years 3 1350
Matching omnidirectional images [4]
Hi STeven, Cool!  I never would have thought of using the Radial Distortion module. ...
11 years 3 2141
Connecting RoboRealm to a D-LINK 920 wireless webcam [4]
Thank you STeven!  The update works perfectly with the 920--a nice smooth 20 frames per second at 320x240 even in dim ...
10 years 3 3840
Using Blob Tracking module for image match? [4]
Hi STeven, Great to hear that you guys are already working on some of these things.  The ...
10 years 3 4440
A question about the LAB_Channel module [2]
Hello, I need to use the L, a and b values from the LAB_Channel module as inputs to an artificial n...
9 years 3 2301
GetBitmap function for C# or COM? [4]
You totally rock!  Works like a charm.  Many many thanks. Perhaps this would ma...
11 years 3 2588
Small "fix" for Python API [2]
I have been using the Python API with RR and it works beautifully.  However, I noticed what might be a small inconsist...
9 years 3 1350
Matching omnidirectional images [2]
The images didn't appear to upload with my initial post, so here they are now. Starting picture: <...
11 years 3 2141
Using Blob Tracking module for image match? [2]
Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible but it seems it might be.  Suppose a cat moves i...
10 years 3 4440
how to convert pixel data from pipe into opencv IplImage [4]
Ooops.  That first method should have returned a byte array.  The correction is:
9 years 3 4519
Python API bug in ReadAll(), GetAllVariables() with filtered variables? [2]
Hi STeven, I am trying to filter the HIGHEST_MIDDLE_X and HIGHEST_MIDDLE_Y variables while using th...
9 years 4 1540
Cannot get email module to work [2]
Hello, I was trying to use the email module with RR version but I keep getting a "Could n...
11 years 4 1321
Seeing Color Statistics for multiple blobs? [2]
Hello, I am using the latest and greatest RoboRealm ( to get the Color Statistics for mult...
11 years 4 1468
Write_AVI module recording at half speed? [5]
Hi STeven, That fixed it--thanks! --patrick
10 years 4 1600
RoboRealm does not see Phidgets Servos
Hello, I am trying out the latest version of RoboRealm with a Phidgets 4-servo controller. &nb...
12 years 4 1707
Recommend a high speed camera [3]
Hello, If by high speed you mean high frame rate, I am using a Philips SPC 1300NC USB webcam which ...
11 years 4 1721
RoboRealm does not see Phidgets Servos [2]
I just tried the same experiment on a Windows XP machine and got the same error. --patrick
12 years 4 1707

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