Recommend a high speed camera
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Hello, I want to get a high speed camera, I guess if 1394 camera can be compatible with RoboReam or other type. Anyone have used  some? I'm not clear aobut the type and price. Hope to give some suggestions to me.
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If by high speed you mean high frame rate, I am using a Philips SPC 1300NC USB webcam which is rated at 90fps.  As I write this, I have it hooked up to RoboRealm at 320x240 resolution doing Movement detection at 80fps.  To get the best frame rate, you need to turn off the auto-exposure setting on the camera driver and set the frame rate to 90.  The camera seems to be hard to find in stock now, but a Google search for "Philips SPC 1300NC price" turns up a few places that normally carry it.


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    I have searched Philips SPC 1300NC camera on Google, and the price is ok, is there other better choice ? I wonder if all usb webcam is compatible with RR. besides, if you try to connect to high frame rate camera simultaneously as I have a multi camera application.

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the Philips SPC is the best one that we have found in terms of FPS and price. If anyone knows of a better price/FPS ratio please post it here!

Most usb webcams should be compatible with RoboRealm assuming they have a directX or VFW driver. All of the USB webcams we have seem to work fine. (and we have about 20).


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