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Matching omnidirectional images [4]
Hi STeven, Cool!  I never would have thought of using the Radial Distortion module. ...
11 years 3 2179
Using Blob Tracking module for image match? [2]
Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible but it seems it might be.  Suppose a cat moves i...
10 years 3 4529
how to convert pixel data from pipe into opencv IplImage [4]
Ooops.  That first method should have returned a byte array.  The correction is:
9 years 3 4566
GetBitmap function for C# or COM? [4]
You totally rock!  Works like a charm.  Many many thanks. Perhaps this would ma...
11 years 3 2624
Small "fix" for Python API [2]
I have been using the Python API with RR and it works beautifully.  However, I noticed what might be a small inconsist...
9 years 3 1384
Matching omnidirectional images [2]
The images didn't appear to upload with my initial post, so here they are now. Starting picture: <...
11 years 3 2179
Connecting RoboRealm to a D-LINK 920 wireless webcam [2]
Hello, Does anyone know the magic URL that will work with RoboRealm's Read_HTTP module and the D-L...
10 years 3 3911
mindstorm sicence fair ideas grade 8 [3]
Hey Nick, Perhaps you should check out the Tutorials section on this site.  They are a gr...
10 years 3 1250
how to convert pixel data from pipe into opencv IplImage [3]
Hi Scott, I don't know if this will help, but I got the following pair of methods many moons ago f...
9 years 3 4566
From Movment Center of Gravity to Color Center of Gravity [4]
On second thought, it doesn't have to be that complicated.  Simply put the Color Statistics module after the Movement...
11 years 3 1388
Bug in new Angle Filter in Hough Module? [4]
Thanks STeven--works like a charm now! --patrick ...
9 years 3 2529
COG_BOX_SIZE = 0 when box display = 100% [4]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the quick fix!  Also, when using the new RR 2.16,  I can ...
9 years 3 2449
Optic flow from Visual Anchor module? [4]
Hi STeven, Many thanks for the explanation--makes sense.  I look forward to watching your...
11 years 3 1294
Bug in new Angle Filter in Hough Module? [2]
Hello, I was trying out the new Angle Filter function in the Hough Transform module and either I do...
9 years 3 2529
Geometric Statistics problem with Crop Module [2]
Hi STeven, I'm using the latest and greatest RR and I think there may be a bug when the Ge...
10 years 3 2411
Demonstration of RoboRealm and Omnidirectional Vision [4]
Thanks STeven!  I am truly honored! --patrick ...
10 years 3 1322
From Movment Center of Gravity to Color Center of Gravity [3]
Hello, This .robo file might get you part way there.  It uses a filled white circle of si...
11 years 3 1388
Thanks for the Optical Flow module! [4]
Thanks STeven--don't know how I missed that!  Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for.  So I'll play w...
11 years 3 1525
Feature Request: Surface Plot row averages [4]
Hi STeven, This is perfect! I'm already putting it to good use. Many ...
11 years 3 1396
Multiple RoboRealm Instances [3]
Hey Marco, Take a look at the Marker module (under the Other category) and the Set Variables &...
10 years 3 1535

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