New way to 360 vision
Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [7 posts]
13 years
Hi all (again) today i stumble in these link

using 4 cameras to make a 3d/360 image. could this be possible to roborealm?
Some times a 360 camera is difficult to use/find.

some pictures below from the web site.

from United States  [214 posts] 13 years
Hi Ricardo,

In case you want to try a home made 360-degree vision system, this is the mirror I am using on my robot:


If you pry away the rubber housing it comes in, the mirror itself is very light.  For just over $20 and using just a single webcam, this is a great way to experiment with omni-directional images.

Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [7 posts] 13 years
Apart from my request this is one of the applications.
I have a robot whit 22cm of Diameter and 22cm maximo tall (mirror included) so i need a smaler mirror :P

this is a pic of it, atm im using a Christmas ball but a sphere is not a good solution cuz i cant see objects from afar, only bellow. a Ogive is the best shape but i cant find anywhere whit my size restrictions.
from United States  [214 posts] 13 years
Hi Ricardo,

The truck mirror is only 8 inches or 20.3cm in diameter so it will fit within the width of your robot.  The height (depth) of the mirror is about 7cm and I have a Logitech Fusion webcam mounted about 14cm below the mirror so as to fit the width of the mirror within the field of view of the camera.  Using a different camera with a different field of view, you could reduce the distance between the mirror and the camera.  Also, if you can cut a hole down the middle of your robot, you can mount the camera all the way at the bottom and have it point up through the hole at the mirror.  (This is actually what I have done.)

For a more professional solution with a much smaller mirror (e.g. 4.0cm in diameter), take a look at http://www.accowle.com/english/index.html.  I just got a price list and the least expensive mirror is about $550 US.

In the meantime, here are a few images from my setup.  As you can see, the horizontal view is quite good.


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