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I'm starting a project with a group of friends for a class. We built the head where it will enclose all the modules, servos and hopefully the power supply.
What we are trying to use camera sensors, which would detect a certain color, and center the color and follow the object. While following the object the neck and the head would rotate accordingly.  We are still in the research phase and trying to see what software we would use and see how we would interface two processors, one for the image processing and the other for the neck and face movement. The whole unit would enclose the modules in the head unit. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time..
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Hi Major,

If you haven't already done so, check out the Tutorials section on this site.  You might get some good ideas there.  In particular, there is a tutorial on Color Object Tracking using RoboRealm.  You could also look at the object tracking tutorial I wrote that uses RoboRealm and Dynamixel servos from Robotis:


One of RoboRealm's great strengths is direct support for a number of robot kits, servo controllers, cameras, etc.  Check out the Documentation section of this site and look under Controls.  If you choose hardware supported here, you might save some time.

Good luck!

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