Multiple RoboRealm Instances
Marco from Netherlands  [2 posts]
11 years
For a new project I am working on using RoboRealm, it would be great to be able to have multiple instances of RoboRealm running on the same pc.

The target is to be able to track multiple objects at the same time, which could be done using modules like the blob filter, but the view from the camera is quite hectic, which makes it very difficult to get nice and clean variables running to my app, using the API.

Currently, I can quite easily track one of the in total 5 objects, using some color filters, the COG and the crop function. The first one filters out the object from the background, the COG returns the coordinates of the object and the cropping gets rid of the hectic environment around the object.

One of the ideas I had which should solve this problem easily, is using 5 crops, and 5 cog's. This might use some cpu power, but I would like to give it a shot.

So is there a way to either run 5 instances of RoboRealm, or have 5 cropped spaces within the picture which are independent from each other?
from United States  [214 posts] 11 years
Hey Marco,

Take a look at the Marker module (under the Other category) and the Set Variables  module (under Statements) on the Documentation page.  I think these two will give you everything you need without having to run multiple instances of RoboRealm.


Marco from Netherlands  [2 posts] 11 years
That looks like what I was looking for indeed, thank you for your help!

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