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Stereoscopic vision for determination of depth
Hi I am with the LEAF robotic group and am in the process of making an arm for my robot herbert. I want to try to ...
3 years 2 995
Multiple camera Processing
HI!! I am using 2 cameras for my robot. The idea is I want to detect the objects from a distance from one camera a...
3 years 2 1192
Auto start roborealm
Hi!! I want to know if it's possible to run robrealm after the system boots up? The b...
3 years 2 790
Arduino Motor Control
Hi, I am working on object tracking, similar to the tutorial Color tracking! But the code written there is for non arduino board...
3 years 12 1742
Can not connect to Basler acA640-120
Hi STeven. Can not connect to Basler acA640-120. Module is used GenlCam.
3 years 2 1282
save data to file
hi, I am new to here. I need to know how to save data in file. file will be .txt or .xls. as exampl...
3 years 2 911
traffic light detection
hi everyone, i want to use webcam to  detect the green light, yellow light, red light and then give the...
3 years 9 1560
xvid codec not workintg
Hi, I am trying to install plugin DVR server. version 0.3. xvid codec is not responding. I install ...
3 years 5 679
Servo control with arduino Uno through roborealm
Hello I am trying to control a servo with roborealm though the use of an arduino uno controller. I ...
3 years 2 1280
Differential Module to Servos
Hi!! Is it possible to use the differential drive module and get PWM outputs through Arduino module!!
3 years 2 987
Dino-Lite not starting
Hi Steve, I am trying to get a Dino Lite AM4113 TL camera and nothing is opening. RR ...
3 years 2 618
TCP socket not receiving all the data
I'm sending a series of points from a Raspberry pi over a TCP socket. I have confirmed with putty that the receiving computer is...
3 years 2 665
OCR Result - Number Orientation
Hi STeven, I am successfully using the OCR module to capture anywhere from 5 to 9 numbers (quantity...
3 years 4 1325
NXT connector wires
Just want to ask... anyone who knows where can i buy NXT or EV3 compatible connector wires/cables with the modified RJ jack here...
3 years 1 603
HTTP module, string variables, JSON parsing...
If one has used the JScript module to create a 6 KB or 8 KB string variable containing JSON data, is it possible to use the HTTP...
3 years 5 1427
Display Serial Data
Hi, I have serial data displayed but it flashes on and off at the at the serial data refresh rate. I...
3 years 5 1276
Can Roborealm do this?
There are five robotic arms in the cooler at a local convenience store. Each arm is holding a different brand of soda and is res...
3 years 4 622
installable versions
Hello I'm using Roborealm in 2 identical robotic cells in two very different locations, the second ...
3 years 2 688
Hi Again- Ok, My application is steering towards using RR to output to an arduino, and use the arduino to run servo (or steppers...
3 years 2 1180
xy table
Hi Everyone- Well, I'm brand new to the forum, so please bear with me......What I'm trying to do is this: I am in manufacturing,...
3 years 5 1534

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