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Roborealm Purchase
Hello Steven, I want to purchase Roborealm v2.77.10 Because i have a system that working with this version and i w...
8 year 2 1659
Hello all, I am participating in an underwater Robotics in competition. I am using roborealm for the entire contr...
8 year 11 3084
Keyboard Shortcuts
I find some of the RR keyboard shortcuts on the main interface quite useful, but to me there appears to be a conflict. Pressing ...
8 year 2 1663
RoboRealm 64 bit
Hi Steven , I used to interface Roborealm using c++ dll interface, but of the late migrated to 64 bit Compiler sui...
8 year 4 1668
How to overlay one pet
Hi, i would like to know how would be possible to make a text overline over a pet, a dog for example. How can i do that?
8 year 2 2273
How to launch second simultaneous instance of RR?
I have two RR files, A and B. I wish to run A, and use the Execute Program module from within RR to launch robofile B. I want B ...
8 year 5 2232
Roborealm Crash File
Dear Steven, I had a problem with RR again. I put robo file and Crash report on attachment files. It stops working...
8 year 5 1704
C# Sample Project
Has anyone created a simple C# Form Application for RGB Filter? Not really able to follow the sample project that I downloaded a...
8 year 4 2844
Measure the distance between a hole and a line
Could you outline the steps that would need to be taken, if possible, to measure the perpendicular distance from the center of t...
8 year 3 2376
Zone -passing
Hello, I would like to count the vehicle that pass the read zone from attached picture.
8 year 3 1676
Arduino Uno R3 - Sparkfun
Hello, I am starting experimenting with Arduino Uno R3 and the Sparkfun Arduino interface.
8 year 3 2497
Integration of RoboRealm DLL library
Hi! How can i integrate RoboRealm dll library in my c# project to decode datamatrix barcode. And wh...
8 year 2 1603
Fiducial array with two fiducials - issue
I am attempting to read the array variables from the fiducial array module. When a single fiducial is present, the...
8 year 6 2740
Test Module
(Sorry, this belongs to test module, but I cannot select it, therefore the post will probably not show up there. No posts there ...
8 year 2 2461
Kinect Depth Image
I have an original Kinect that I'm using with a Dell Latitude i5 Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I've followed the instructions for ins...
8 year 3 2519
PTZ Foscam Object/ Motion tracking.
I am attempting to get a Foscam Ip camera (F18910W) with PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) to pan and tilt to follow an object or movement. So...
8 year 3 4496
Using variables in Colorize module
Is it possible to use a variable in the value field of the Colorize module? Thanks....
8 year 2 2135
AVM_obj recognation issue
Hi Steven ,     I am using avm_navigator for recognize objects which flowing in...
8 year 2 2184
Roborealm Crashes without reason
Hello Steven, I have some problems with my Roborealm, it always crashes after working some minutes. I logged detai...
8 year 5 2525
Find circle shapes
Any idea how to find circle shapes in image [Circle detect 01.jpg]. There should be 3 circles [Circle detect 02.jpg]....
8 year 9 2644

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