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How easily would the Leddar unit interface with roborealm?...
8 year 2 1519
points within a blob
Hi Steven, I would like to check if 2 points, point A and point B are inside the same blob for exam...
8 year 5 1823
Outdoor tracking of three objects
I am planning on using an elevated view looking down on an area approximately 100ftx100ft.   I need to track at most t...
8 year 2 1870
vehicle counting
hi, I try to do this post. ...
8 year 4 2578
Limit on images in object recognition module
I'm attempting to use the object recognition module for face tracking, training faces in different poses. This will take quite a...
8 year 3 2353
Dear Steve, I upgraded RoboRealm and must develop a vision system for the label control. I need you to do me an example with the...
8 year 2 2467
DVR plugin not found
HI, I am new to here. I need to installed DVR plugin to Roborealm. I c...
8 year 2 2607
String or variable concatenation
Is there any easy way to do string concatenation (add two strings), e.g. add a string and a value, for display? <...
8 year 2 1642
VB script help needed
Hello Steven Thanks a lot for your earlier help. I really appreciate that. Here what I made with your VB script he...
8 year 1 1568
Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25
This is a multi part question. I apologize if this is not in the right spot. I want to build a "telepresence" Rover using a Sabe...
8 year 11 3499
avm navigator and arduino UNO
HI I want to use the navigator module with arduino UNO, and control the robot motors through arduino!! is it poss...
8 year 2 2486
Error while loading .dll file
Hi, I am getting the following error. I have attached the screenshot, hoe do i resolve it?...
8 year 3 1570
HI, I want to know if it is possible load a video in RR, similarly how we load an image! and i want to process tha...
8 year 2 2470
Motors run after I close RR
Hi, I am working on object tracking. All i am doing is when the object is detected, the motors  for goin...
8 year 2 2193
Using variables to load specific files
I'm using the Object Recognition Module. Once my object is detected, I want to be able to open the same detected image, original...
8 year 3 2174
Stereoscopic vision for determination of depth
Hi I am with the LEAF robotic group and am in the process of making an arm for my robot herbert. I want to try to ...
8 year 2 2247
Multiple camera Processing
HI!! I am using 2 cameras for my robot. The idea is I want to detect the objects from a distance from one camera a...
8 year 2 2570
Auto start roborealm
Hi!! I want to know if it's possible to run robrealm after the system boots up? The b...
8 year 2 1610
Arduino Motor Control
Hi, I am working on object tracking, similar to the tutorial Color tracking! But the code written there is for non arduino board...
8 year 12 3479
Can not connect to Basler acA640-120
Hi STeven. Can not connect to Basler acA640-120. Module is used GenlCam.
8 year 2 2636

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