Auto start roborealm
3 years
I want to know if it's possible to run robrealm after the system boots up?

The basic idea is, i want to do image processing and run the motors. All this while i was manually doing the change for setting the modules etc. But now i want to run a particular robo file after system boots up and all the modules in that must execute by itself in an order without me having to do anything manually. if it's possible can anybody guide through that?

Thanks in advance!!
STeven from United States  [1403 posts] 3 years
You have a couple options:

1. As admin click on Options Button->Startup Tab->[] Startup RR on boot checkbox.

2. Ensure that the file you are loading on initial startup "Load Robofile" is set to your file. The default will load in the last robofile you were working on which is nice for general use but not for your purposes.

3. Ensure that your system has auto-login into you as a user otherwise it will not startup after a reboot. Note, RR is NOT a service since it has to interface as a GUI application.

Alternatively, to #1 is just to stick a shortcut to RoboRealm.exe in your startup folder.


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