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Changes in the image
Dear STeven, I have two photos. 1.jpg - an empty table. 2.jpg - a table with a plate. As to me to f...
8 year 3 2060
RR - execution flow
I've made a very simple robo file. It sets some variables and write variables content to file. It runs just one cycle. At the en...
8 year 1 1521
roborealm and arduino
I have connected my arduino mega with roborealm and it suppose to control servo but it received information from roborealm but m...
8 year 2 2482
GenICam XML Parse error
I'm using a 30 day trial of RR 2.76.3. I've installed the GenICam module but I'm having an error when it goes to grab frames fro...
8 year 5 4822
Not saving "source" image from C#
I have the following line of code in my program: rr.SaveImage("Source", "c:\\temp\\testSource.jpg")...
8 year 3 1527
Write to EXIF
Is it possible to write data from the GPS module to the EXIF file of an image being processed?...
8 year 2 2307
detect white  color?
How to detect white color using RGB filter? ...
8 year 3 2742
Hi STeven Is it possible to have two new system variables? I display t...
8 year 3 1738
Will in the version 2.76.0,the module of HSV_Channel is the same as HLS_Channel , beside the title....
8 year 4 2264
Hi, I want to make my robot move with the lynxmotion sequencer, but when I click on the buttons, no...
8 year 6 2030
using C# and Roborealm
Hello all, I am trying to put together a c# program that only needs to receive a bit...
8 year 2 1613
AVM navigator and APM 2.5
Hi, I have read through some posts and learnt that we can interface APM 2.5 with roborealm. I have few doubts:
8 year 5 2360
Depth sensor to RR
Hi, I would like to know is it possible to interface a depth sensor  with RR? IF yes, how?
8 year 3 1564
Laser scanner
I am embarking on a project which will require reactive navigation.   I have acquired a long range LIDAR hokuyu(sp?), ...
8 year 3 1758
Suitability question
We currently make the speedo and tacho dials for cars. We're looking to put in some kind of vision...
8 year 2 1517
Combine 2 different pipeline
Hi, I have 2 different pipeline for different detection characteristics which is:
8 year 18 3358
Steps for running roborealm through ubuntu 12.04
Hi, I want to run roborealm through ubuntu. What are the steps and prerequisites I need to follow to get it working. Could you p...
8 year 5 2026
banknote recognition
Hello all, I am working on a small project to detect all the banknotes pass in front of camera. I d...
8 year 4 2106
AX 12 Dynamixel servo control
Hi Steven, Currently, I have problem in connecting AX 12 Dynamixel servo. The servo is being recog...
8 year 1 1563
Roborealm crashes when webserver is activated
Hi, When I start streaming from the webserver using Firefox, the image freezes frequently. I tried ...
8 year 6 1485

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