Multiple camera Processing
8 year
I am using 2 cameras for my robot. The idea is I want to detect the objects from a distance from one camera and do the path planning. And when the robot approaches an object i want to use the other camera for performing tasks on that object. How do i switch between the cameras in the same program? This should happen automatically.

Thanks in advance
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year
You can use the marker module or Camera Properties module to switch the image to another camera. In your case, this would break nicely into 3 tabs. The main tab would just call [active_tab] where active_tab would be initialized to your first tab. The first tab would contain code for the first camera. Once the object is detected you would change active_tab to "tab2" for example which would contain your code for that particular object.

See the attached example.


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