VB script help needed
Aman Rana from United States  [1 posts]
5 years
Hello Steven
Thanks a lot for your earlier help. I really appreciate that. Here what I made with your VB script help (https://youtu.be/0oA8N1-YnKI). Feel free to use it on your portal if you want. I am working to kill plant with laser beam mounted on servo controlled pan and tilt. Here is situation I applied filters and get colored blob of plant. Now I want to send my laser beam on each and every pixel of green masked blob with controlled speed. slower when laser on faster when laser off. Functionality will be pretty much like CNC cutter. Lets say
x(0) to X(i) with Y(0), then
x(i) to X(0) with Y(1) and
x(0) to X(i) with Y(3) until its done
I will really appreciate you help. Any suggestion or critic welcome from all readers.

Thanks in advance


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