Motors run after I close RR
7 year
I am working on object tracking. All i am doing is when the object is detected, the motors  for going forward switch on etc. I am using Sparkfun_arduino module to get the PWM!!

The issue is when i quit RR one of the motor starts rotating at full speed (I am using BLDC motors), i am unable to debug that, could you tell me what the issue is. Plz help!!

Thanks in advance!!
Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 7 year
When RR disconnects with the Arduino the motors are set to neutral to avoid the problem you are describing. This number is 1500 and set in the g_defaultServo array in the Arduino Sketch. Most likely, this default servo number isn' the right one for your motors. You will need to modify the Arduino Sketch to include a number that does make sense for your motors ... i.e. change that value to what you motors consider neutral.

Note this is a change to the Arduino code and NOT RoboRealm.


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