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Face detection and greyscale video
Can the face_detection module work with gray scale NSTC video output? If so, how many shadows of grey? 256 (8-bit)...
2 years 2 840
USB HID Receive Data Error
Hi Steven. I had try to implement USB HID on my RR application. However, I got an error on received data. I made a...
2 years 8 1712
NXT-G Return to Starting position
Hi all, I have an algorithm written in NXT-G for a robot competition at my school. The competition...
2 years 5 885
refreshing image
If I use the 'load image' function, it seems that it only loads the image once. I ha...
2 years 3 796
serial defaults
Hi STeven Looking at the serial screen, most of the fields are blank. What are these...
2 years 2 878
Face detect and greet (Fritz)
I have downloaded the "Roborealm" and use it in "Fritz" on the face detection function. But is's not work.
2 years 4 1384
Simulate Long Exposure Time
Hi Steven, Just got the commercial version for work. Wanted to show my boss a simple program where ...
2 years 4 900
Boe Bot Arduino Shield module
Hi Folks, I recently purchased the roborealm software which is great.  Unfortunately my main robot test ...
2 years 3 959
detection ofmarking/blck spot on flat moving object
anybody help whether is it possible to detect spot or black spot on a moving object by using this software and cc...
2 years 6 1003
Roborealm loses the camera
Hi, I am controlling RoboRealm using the COM_API. After successfully running through a barrage of t...
2 years 8 806
RoboRio Port Info
Hi STeven, Here is information on the ports used by the roboRio, using the HTTP_read with a USB cam...
2 years 26 7228
RoboRealm Network Tables
We're having trouble receiving the data on Network_Tables in our c++ program.  TableViewer doesn't appear to be part o...
2 years 11 1153
FRC 2015 - Yellow Tote Angle Measurements
Hi, Using the Visual Targeting tutorial found on ...
2 years 2 1176
How do I get RR to open 'maximised'. I am already using kiosk mode, but it leaves a margin around the edge.
2 years 4 652
Failing to pause pipeline after waiting 10 seconds...
Hi, I have written a c# application that is based on the c# sample app that uses sockets to communi...
2 years 7 1413
Object Recognition - Displaying objects
I have the Object Recognition module running with a bunch of trained images, and it is finding the matches OK. I want to replace...
2 years 3 706
Variables, Auto-Play, Save of Shape-Match Train
Hello, i bought Roborealm today and I have similar problems... :) Firs...
2 years 7 1267
Hi all, I'm working the kinect for my FRC team this year. The tutorial at ...
2 years 2 1134
Fill circle
Hi STeven I often need to mask off areas when using the Blob_filter. It takes ages t...
2 years 4 1012
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable
Hello There seems to be a bug in the OSC_Send variable module. Im using it together w...
2 years 11 1180

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