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Dr. Bruce from United States  [5 posts]
8 year
I have an original Kinect that I'm using with a Dell Latitude i5 Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I've followed the instructions for installing the RR Kinect module / drivers. Running the Microsoft Kinect module I get two windows - RGB and Depth... but the RGB is only 2 o3 fps and the Depth is frozen with just the first image taken. I can turn off Depth - then suddenly the RGB runs well at approx 30 fps. However, turning off RGB and running just the Depth, I get one frozen image. The other features in the module - like changing the color of the LED and reading the Accelerometers - all that seems to work.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

Can you verify that the Kinect is getting enough power? I've found that this behavior is seen on Netbooks that don't give enough power to the Kinect. Even with it plugged into wall power some laptops/netbooks will not give enough USB power to the Kinect (its really power hungry) unless they too are on AC power or at least NOT in power saver mode.

Try plugging everything into AC power and ensure your laptop is not in power saving mode and see if that makes a difference.

Dr. Bruce from United States  [5 posts] 8 year
I don't think power's the problem. 1) The Kinect is powered off a 12 volt SLA battery through an automotive voltage regulator that's providing a constant 12.05 volts. 2) I've used this set-up for the past 3 years running Ubuntu, ROS and Kinect without any problems.

The laptop is not in power saver mode and it is plugged into AC power.

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