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Calculating Angles
Hello, What part of a blob is used to calculate the angle value (Geometric A...
11 years 2 1257
save robo file
in the new version there is a new robo file option(pretty cool)  but how do i save a file oncw i have made it....
11 years 3 1696
How to run two copies of roborealm.
I am trying to make a 3d red object tracking robot, which requires two camera's to provide video feed and write down va...
11 years 7 1384
Bayer Filters
Hi there, I am quite new to Roborealm and have access to a firewire camera which feeds out...
11 years 3 1300
increase in size
hey suppose i have a picture which has both circles and squares in them, now suppose i wish to replace t...
11 years 2 927
Blob detection & tracking
Is it possible to detect and track blobs with what is essentially a black and white camera? (It's a bayer filtering cam...
11 years 2 3280
New SRV-1 Robots. Wi-Fi
Hi, this is a different question about the same project I am working on (I asked the bayer filters question)
11 years 5 1180
cardiac MRI
cardiac mri is some thing which can save many lives but the software available to analyse them are too costly...
11 years 3 1029
R2D2 Progect  VB.net Interface
Hi all i finally have most equipment to start programing my R2D2. What i have.:
11 years 4 1345
Help with a boe bot camera interface
Im an undergraduate at the university of hartford in connecticut. we are to set a proposal to our professo...
11 years 5 1648
CMUcam2 and RR
Hi, I am part of team of students trying to build a mobile robot. we have a w...
11 years 2 1061
Using Visual Basic in RoboRealm
Hi everbody, I have got a problem at using visual basic in roborealm. Before I write down my problem I wan...
11 years 2 1729
Arbitrary line measurements
From the attached pictures, how is it possible to size the asparagus (determine the length and widths). I have tried a f...
11 years 1 1280
show the radius
hi everybody, how do i get the radius of the chinese chess arranged in square box ...
11 years 2 998
Bayer Filter
More bizzarely, I can't get the circles filter to pick up the ball in this image ...
11 years 11 2397
Anyone know how I can do mapping of an enviroment by using a camera and roborealm? Any other ways of doing it? Please ex...
11 years 3 925
External Processing
1) Is there any option to use external Dll in Roborealm? 2) Is VBscript the only method to write my own pr...
11 years 2 929
Using webcams and simulated webcams in MSRS together with RoboRealm
Hi, I'm using MSRS together with RoboRealm. I have two webcams and two or more simulated w...
11 years 5 1759
Strange angles present for multiple objects
Hi STeven, We are having a bit of a hard time figuring out why the angle variables have gon...
11 years 6 1229
Hi im just looking to create a simple program that will allow me to control from a local laptop via infrared to a rcx 1....
11 years 2 1051

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