CMUcam2 and RR
11 years

I am part of team of students trying to build a mobile robot.
we have a wheeled platform on which we will place a laptop which will be the brain of our robot.
We also have the CMUcam 2...
Is there a good way to interface the two, i.e. to transfer CMAUcam's output images to RR for processing?

Anonymous 11 years
Are you looking to just transfer the image from a CMUCam to RR or the result of the processing of the image in the CMUCam (i.e. pan/tilt coordinates)?

Note that the data rate on the CMUCam for transmitting images will be a little slow if you intend to transmit the raw image. It is better to go with an inexpensive USB camera in that case. If you are intending to just transmit the processed results this will be faster and possible to do in a reasonable amount of time.


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