Help with a boe bot camera interface
Erik from United States  [1 posts]
11 years
Im an undergraduate at the university of hartford in connecticut.
we are to set a proposal to our professor
The idea is to navigate my boe bot remotely via web cam and the rhelm interface however I need to know if such an undertaking is possible?
and if so what steps would start me in the right direction
i am some what familiar with the basic programming using whiskers and ir sensors as well as programmed movement, however what were looking for is a way to navigate on demand remotely
please Help!
Thank you in advance,
and group
Anonymous 11 years
Perhaps you can get started by reviewing our latest path planning tutorial at


Is this what you are thinking your project will entail?

camera unavailable
11 years
i dont think we can mount a camera on the ceiling

we sort of wanted to be able to control it via live feed
Anonymous 11 years
Ok, then have a look at the ball tracking tutorial at


which is much simpler to do in first person rather than third person (stationary camera). There is even a YouTube video of someone using a red ball and a boe-bot. Just think of the ball as a stationary target that you want the robot to move towards.

If not can you explain more about your project?

11 years
id like to mount a camera on the boe bot itself so we can loose it inot a room and have it retrieve a specified object. the color tracking idea is good, infact parallax sells a module for the boe bot specifically designed for that. however if the bot could be selectively controlled via robo rhelm with an on screen read out, it would more closely fufill our specifications

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