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export to a stand alone program
is there a way that a compleated RR program can be exported into its own program. E.g. the...
11 years 2 1132
Wireless camera
Hello all, I am going get the DLINK DCS-900 Internet Camera to work with roborealm. I hear...
11 years 4 1280
What about this camera?
Anyone know if this camera will work with roborealm? http://00389ee.netsolhost.com/main/usb...
11 years 2 1018
Ver Hello, I was trying to use...
11 years 3 1152
Motion Detection?
Hi guys, I'm looking for a small motion detector - like a IR diode (size wise) that could...
11 years 1 1070
Idea to make Robot cameras look cooler
Has anyone tried something like this before? Suppose I wanted my robot to have a security-c...
11 years 1 1001
Saving Images - compression
Hello, When I save images using  RR there seems to...
11 years 7 851
SetImage - ArrayOut of bound exception
HI Friends, I am having a problem in using setImage(String,byte[],length,height).
11 years 6 1111
Any way to see Roborealm Log
Hi Friends, is there any ways to see log from robo realm.i am using setImage but i am not getting any resp...
11 years 2 1215
Is FPGA the board for stand alone device
Hi i just wanted to know in the tutorial were the robot tracked the green ball you had a s...
11 years 1 987
update existing image
Hi friends, I am setting image using setImage() (using java) now if i have some pixel area t...
11 years 3 812
I'm trying to get the Hauppauge PVR-150, which is a very popular card, to work with RoboRealm, but nothing's showing o...
11 years 7 2835
Laser point tracking (USB missile launcher)
Having tried a while back to get motion tracking working with my dreamcheeky USB missile launcher, I met with little suc...
11 years 10 3369
Bare Minimum Window O.S. components
Hello again everyone! I and my friend who are working on our robot and are currently doing...
11 years 2 1026
No Title
thanks samu...
11 years 1 1956
Hi, I'm new on RR, and actually i'm new on programming stuffs! I would like to use the Socket mod to con...
11 years 7 1065
Preserving Variables after Edge Detection
If I use two different sample_edge functions, I can only read the last one. Is there way to read both variables? I need...
11 years 3 892
Sabertooth 2x10?
Another thing, concerning the sabertooth DC motor Controller. I know that Roborealm can def...
11 years 2 1030
obstacle avoidance
in this robotics competition i am getting an over head view of the arena which has red patches and white obstacles, i ha...
11 years 10 2123
How do I remove items in the "Recent..." menus
I've looked throughout the documentation, but can't find how I remove items listed in the the "Recent Images", "Rec...
11 years 3 1105

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