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"Could not initialize on port COM6 speed 38400"
Scott and I are working with the Java API with DE_Sabertooth to turn a motor. For some reason when the API is executed i...
10 years 2 1519
No Title
Scott found a possible bug. When we change the baud rate in the GUI for the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth you must fi...
10 years 2 1420
How to Line Tracking with LEGO Mindstorms + leJOS
Hello, I am trying to write an algorithm for Line Tracking. But I have no good ideas.
10 years 2 1337
Snap shot
Is it possible to have roborelm take a snap shots by itís self at intervals for example every second and store them in a...
10 years 2 1348
USB Missile striker (object tracking)
Hi, I have been playing with object tracking using my striker usb missile launcher, here is...
10 years 4 1423
PC Plus
Check out the disc with the latest edition of PC Plus. In conjunction with their mini-mag on robotics, they have put a l...
10 years 3 842
Programming X-Y Dimension variable
Hello.A particular problem statement that I am working on requires that one half of the screen I run RGB filter set to g...
10 years 2 836
Control of electron-multiplying gain in EMCCD cameras
An Electron-Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) uses an electron multiplying structure built into the sensor to obtain high sensitiv...
10 years 1 949
virtual webcam output
i was wondering if you could possibly implement a sort of software webcam, so that the final video is outputted into the...
10 years 21 6550
What is exactly RoboRealm? What all can be done using this? I am interested in creating a robot which can navigate its w...
10 years 4 792
Stop video stream!!!
Hi, Is there a way in XML to stop the video stream to RR without turning off the camera?
10 years 4 939
Measure distance and direction traveled with vision
I am creating an outdoor robot and would like to use optical flow to determine the distance and direction my robot is tr...
10 years 1 888
Finding surface data in 3d space
I would like to ask for assistance in programming a specialized filter. Essentially, this f...
10 years 2 716
Shape detection!!!
Hi, How to detect the shape in image "a" from the shapes in image  "b" and ho...
10 years 4 3842
NXT quit
Hi, STeven I am trying to put a variable to control the NXT motor.  But RR shut i...
10 years 5 801
Where is the hot pixel filter (salt&pepper) ?
CCD's show "dark current" noise with longer exposures when warm, which shows up as isolated bright "hot pixels". In...
10 years 6 1915
How i use in roboreal mi RF04 and CM02 modules
I have wireless modules RF04 (usb transceiver) and CM02 (transceiver I2C) conected in my hexapode robot, but i cant send...
10 years 1 1043
Laser line seperation
Hey I'm using roborealm to seperate a laser line so I can find certain ranges of objects i...
9 years 2 932
Accessing the API
Am sorry, I thought Title was something like nick... Anyways here's my Question.... I have...
9 years 8 1509
SLAM without encoders
We are working on a Java class called Motor_Util.java and the methods utilities we will need. The self-modified Pioneer...
9 years 5 1738

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