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Problems Saving RoboFiles
I just updated to Ver from 1.7.x.x.  I can't save .robo files anymore.  When I go to save a...
11 years 11 1323
Sabertooth Module and RoboRealm API
In the java source code that I downloaded for the RoboRealm API, I would like to send commands to control the motors. I...
11 years 8 1586
Logitech Orbit
I just purchased the Logitech Orbit for testing. The Logitech Orbit module in RoboRealm does not recognize the camera.&n...
11 years 9 2007
cameras, Data log
Hi.. 1 I plan to use Roborealm software along with simple webcam for recording XY coordinates of robot ar...
11 years 2 1348
surveillance and e-mail notification
Hi! I was wondering, is there a way to make a program with roborealm that has this function:
11 years 8 1143
Color Balance (Or for us non-Americans; Colour Balance)
I think I must be having a dumb moment but how do you access the Color Balance module? I can't seem to find it anywhere...
11 years 3 1153
Radial distortion coefficient
Hi all This seam to be a very useful program. I'm trying to u...
11 years 7 1289
Sabertooth dual 2x5 controller
Hi, I have installed the sabertooth drivers for WinXP and get the 'Serial to USB Converter...
11 years 3 1096
Bayer filter
Hi, I am trying to use the Bayer Filter to produce colour images. Before I apply the filte...
11 years 5 2153
Visual c++ 6.0 debugging problem
First, here is the code I try to run: #include <windows.h> #include <...
11 years 3 1033
Dream Cheeky USB car
The dream cheeky USB car came today.  I couldn't resist playing with it so there is a brief writeup at:
11 years 4 1221
Camera I like
I have ordered a bunch of cameras over the last year (Like 20)  I had a mini grant to test different cameras i...
11 years 1 1991
Joystick interface
Hi, Steven I have a problem to pick up the second HID in the RR. I am trying...
11 years 11 3151
Roborealm and robosapien
I built a PC Robosapien interface which just takes serial commands and sends out Robosapien IR, it was pretty straight f...
11 years 3 1552
GPJM Problem
Hello... Genius... I like Robo Realm very much.... I learnt lot from their.. ...
11 years 2 797
Bayer filter flipping?
Hi there, I was wondering what happened to the 'flip vertical' option within the camera s...
11 years 2 1068
How to post multiple gravity centers, for diferent colors RGB
Hy folks, I want to put in a fille 3 gravity centers pozition (X, Y), for 3 diferent colors. How can I do...
11 years 6 2220
RR and GPS
We were just wondering if RR API has a module for a commercial GPS? -Melanie...
11 years 8 1397
Frame Rate
Just a quick question.  I am running the boe-bot with track color tutorial.  The frame rate shown as...
11 years 2 766
Problems with nxt
I'm trying to get the ball follower or ball picker examples to work but, Every time I change the value to enable the ri...
11 years 2 810

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