R2D2 Progect  VB.net Interface
11 years
Hi all i finally have most equipment to start programing my R2D2.

What i have.:
Via Pico-itx running winXP
Creative live motion
8" touch screen LCD

What i need:
To know how to r/w variables and live image from roborealm and pass them to a VB.net application so i can make my own interface for the robot.

I already read and download the api and the extension page but i don't program any language other than Assembly for a long time and i cant get anything to work.

Can some one give me a little walktru on this? if possible to give me some source code in vb.net showing some rr variable and the video itself.

thx in advance.
Anonymous 11 years
It is probably best to do some searching on the web for existing sources for how to learn vb.net or any of the other languages that the API comes in. You should start with the basics first in learning the language and how to display images (which can be a little tricky in any language). Once you have the framework setup then it might be possible for us to show you how to integrate the RR api and what you have. The hard part is the image and UI display ... the integration with RR is quite quick once that part is understood.

Anonymous 11 years
I now can make a couple programs as get my may in variables.
Google the web serching some toturial oou sorce code of roboreal + vb.net whit out sucess.

Can i get some help plz?

Anonymous 11 years

Sorry but your message above is somewhat unintelligible. If you are looking for a RR + vb.net example using the API look in the API download that has several examples in different languages at:



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