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Bare Minimum Window O.S. components
Hello again everyone! I and my friend who are working on our robot and are currently doing...
13 years 2 1320
basic obstacle avoidance algorithm
Hi, Everybody, Can anybody introduce some algorithms for obstacle aviodance, what are the b...
12 years 4 1720
Basic Quesiton on Cameras
I have been playing with obstacle avoidance and have looked at the tutorial examples. They all work fine on the still image but...
10 years 5 1511
Basler Camera
Hi STeven,  I have a Basler camera model piA2400-17gm and having a few issues.  RoboRealm sees the camera in...
7 years 3 1371
Basler Camera II
Hi STeven, it has been awhile.  This is a continuation from a post from last year (see post Basler Camera).  ...
6 years 17 3373
Batch image processing
Hello Roborealm Is it possible, and If yes-how, to process a list of images. Every im...
11 years 2 2506
batch processing
Hi Steve, My cropping program is working great on individual images. Now, if I want to do the same ...
7 years 3 1296
Batch processing multiple AVI source files
Can anybody direct point to examples showing the easiest / best way(s) to run a robo script on an arbitrary number of existing A...
7 years 2 1277
HELLO! I have a problem of slow when I open an application that I have made ​​with Robo...
7 years 2 919
Bayer filter
Hi, I am trying to use the Bayer Filter to produce colour images. Before I apply the filte...
13 years 5 2491
Bayer Filter
Hi, I've used your software before to do a live bayer filter feed and it worked well.  I...
11 years 0 1243
Bayer Filter
Hi, I've used your software before to do a live bayer filter feed and it worked well.  I...
11 years 3 1334
Bayer Filter
More bizzarely, I can't get the circles filter to pick up the ball in this image ...
13 years 11 2829
Bayer filter flipping?
Hi there, I was wondering what happened to the 'flip vertical' option within the camera s...
13 years 2 1358
Bayer Filters
Hi there, I am quite new to Roborealm and have access to a firewire camera which feeds out...
13 years 3 1563
Beep Output and Object Reconition
In the documentation online in "Processing Pipeline": ... When the Run button is activated the source image is captured, fed t...
7 years 2 1534
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm?
Our team is relatively new in using RoboRealm. We got a sample program to track a hand but we would want to know how to get Robo...
7 years 17 3013
Beginner's query
hi i am just starting out with RR. I Have a few questions
12 years 3 1223
Beginning RoboRealm
Hi all, I am just beginning to use Roborealm and I have a lot of questions. I am planning on writin...
9 years 2 1337
best equipment for high frame rate
what is the best equipment for high frame rate applications. I have an application involving high speed reactions that the curre...
11 years 2 1177

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