Bare Minimum Window O.S. components
14 years
Hello again everyone!

I and my friend who are working on our robot and are currently doing a lot of planning, for instance, deciding what kind of motherboard to buy. We both agree that it would be nice if Roborealm could run on Linux, although we understand perfectly it won't anytime soon. We mainly have two concerns for running a Windows O.S. for our robot

1) We'd have to buy a windows O.S. and register it, but right now, money's not much of problem.

2) Our main concern: windows takes up a lot of processing power because its running all sorts of things at the same time, hoping it will need those components someday, which slows down a lot of processing power and slows down performance of the robot's needed programs, whereas machines such as Linux can be easily made to divert processing power only to those components the operator wants to run for his/her personal application.

So here's what we're intending to do: We purchase a windows O.S. that can run roborealm, and then only install the O.S. components needed to run roborealm and our robot's programming. But it could be a little tricky: if we take out a single essential component we could crash the O.S. We both agree it would be hard to know exactly what our particular Windows O.S. would need to be able to operate.

What we want to do is omit the component for the windows O.S. that the operating system can work without. By doing this, we hope to utilize more processing power on the important stuff.

I wanted to check with some of the developers, since they created roborealm, hoping they might know some things about what a windows O.S. can run without.

Any suggestions, anyone?

Anonymous 14 years
I have already done that. so what can i advise:

Use nLite to shrink the windows installment (i use winXp sp2) and select in nlite do protect cameras and network (this will avoid that u remove anything that affect roborealm).
After that u can just remove everything, just make sure when removing cpu (intel or amd) cpu drivers, to have them separated, because if u remove everything u wiil get a very small installation, and almost whiteout consuming resources < 50mb of memory after bootup.
Im using a C7 1Ghz via cpu and 1gb ddr2 and runs priti well after 4days of uninterrupted work using roborealm and remote desktop.

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