basic obstacle avoidance algorithm
Liu from United Kingdom  [2 posts]
11 years
Hi, Everybody,

Can anybody introduce some algorithms for obstacle aviodance, what are the basic steps to do, at the moment I can just use blob algorithm to real time object detect, and give a signal ,0 or 1, 0 means no obstacle in front, 1 means have and steering the wheels, and then pass to robot via RS232,
I use single cameras at the moment, potentially I will buy another one in near future.

Can you please introduce some more advance step to do? or give me some reference paper about it?

Thanks advance in a million

Anonymous 11 years

that's a huge topic and best left to www.google.com to help you out in terms of research. We don't have any papers in mind as we just search for them (or new ones) when needed.

But to narrow things down do you have a particular case in mind? As in a particular competition or for a class, etc.? Can you upload a sample image?

a particular competition
11 years
hey, i have recently stumbled across RR, i am preparing for the follwing copmpetition.
with days to go i dont have enough expertise to write my own code.
i have gone through the path plan tutorial and it seems a bit of change in the code will solve my problem. i see the forum is very active, if any of you could guide me it would be great.

Anonymous 11 years

Looks like we missed the boat on this competition. Checking the website it appears to be already underway.

Based on the image given on the website the path planning tutorial would have been the exact thing to use. A couple of changes would have been needed to filter for white and red objects but it is basically what you needed.

Sorry for the late reply and hopefully you have fun anyhow.


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