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AVM Navigator
Hi, I am using the AVM_Navigator plugin for human eye tracking in my academic project. Upon eye obj...
8 years 5 2579
AVM Navigator
Hello, i wonder if AVM Navigator is no more being updated. This plugin would be the main reason for me to use RR...
3 years 3 1315
AVM Navigator
Hello Steve, I have been working on the AVM Navigator to recognise a few objects. please find attac...
5 years 2 1003
AVM Navigator
I have been using the AVM Navigator module for use with my application and am just wondering is it possible for it to learn a ne...
5 years 2 992
AVM Navigator & Parallax Control
I am having touble using the Navigate mode to move my vehicle with a fixed camera to follow the learned object via the Parallax...
8 years 4 1514
AVM Navigator (User Perspective)
Hi EDV, i have created the new topic ,maybe we ll bring the discussion on the principles to here I...
7 years 2 1026
AVM navigator and APM 2.5
Hi, I have read through some posts and learnt that we can interface APM 2.5 with roborealm. I have few doubts:
4 years 5 1131
avm navigator and arduino UNO
HI I want to use the navigator module with arduino UNO, and control the robot motors through arduino!! is it poss...
4 years 2 1455
AVM NAvigator Delayed in pipe line
Hi EDV this is my new updates, recently purchased a new board, and now i am having a delayed in sparkfun arduino, I cant reason...
7 years 4 1960
AVM Navigator input sources
Hi, Just experimenting with AVM. Does AVM allow video inputs from the Read_HTTP , whe...
7 years 8 1449
AVM Navigator Marker Mode ini file missing
When starting the Marker Mode I get this error The application can't load initialization data from ...
3 years 2 776
AVM Navigator Module Inaccurate?
I am trying to track a simple pendulum using the AVM navigator module. However, when I use the Learn from motion option, the pen...
7 years 25 4750
AVM Navigator new update bug
Recently, I have update my RR with the latest version (2.72.10). I have try to run my AVM Navigator program on my RR but unfortu...
4 years 6 1233
AVM Navigator Trained object file location
Hello there, I'm wanting to delete some of my trained objects.  where would I find the t...
8 years 2 1856
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.3 from your account link.
7 years 18 3988
AVM Navigator variables
Hi everyone, i am having a little trouble interfacing the avm module with my robot, my problem is as follows, in the module for...
8 years 7 1508
AVM Navigator variables
Im not able to find the email adress of the AVM Navigator creator, so i will adress my question here. I would like...
8 years 22 5096
AVM Navigator with arduino
Hi, I would like to use path planning in AVM navigator to start I saw the video and was not sure what microcontroller it uses
7 years 2 1427
AVM navigator:navigation by map obstacle
Hello, how does it works the plugin dectection of obstacle in the avm navigator  used within the navigation by map, i...
8 years 7 2721
AVM Navigator's Updates
AVM Navigator v0.7.4 update Changes:   - "Learn from motion" option was a...
7 years 5 4630

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